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Chess Opening Trainer (with Position Training)

"I'm using Chess Opening Trainer for managing my repertoire on the go" - Grandmaster Rogelio Barcenilla + Practice playing your chess openings anywhere, ...

Discontinued App


"I'm using Chess Opening Trainer for managing my repertoire on the go" - Grandmaster Rogelio Barcenilla + Practice playing your chess openings anywhere, anytime! No more reason not to master your favorite openings. + Build and maintain your repertoire (index cards are obsolete!). + Analyse and discover flaws in your repertoire with the built-in chess engine. + Quickly populate your book using the built-in engine. To see how, watch the video "Play Like a Strong Chess Engine" on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Chess2028. + Option to auto-play the training line before the actual training. + Bookmark key positions (tabiyas) in your repertoire. This is a key part of learning your openings. + Use as position trainer (tactics, end games, essential positions, etc) ! Supports FEN positions for position training. Positions are entered either manually using the built-in setup dialog, or by importing FEN files using the utility PGN2COT (Please refer to our Facebook page for the download links). + Please watch the video 'What's New in Chess Opening Trainer 3' on our YouTube channel for more details. + Build and maintain your priyome library! N O T E : THIS IS AN ENGLISH-ONLY APPLICATION. Chess Opening Trainer IS NOT FOR ALL! BEFORE BUYING, FIRST FIND OUT IF THIS APP IS FOR YOU. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIALS ('Starting Out: Chess Opening Trainer' and 'What's New in Chess Opening Trainer 3') http://www.youtube.com/chess2028 IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE VIDEO, OR YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THIS APP FROM THE VIDEO, THIS APP IS VERY VERY LIKELY NOT FOR YOU. NEW! PGN2COT (The PGN conversion utility of Chess Opening Trainer) is now available: Mac: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/235708968/PGN2COT.dmg Windows: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/235708968/PGN2COT.exe OR Mac: https://www.box.com/s/8078aff5a431b21b808f Windows: https://www.box.com/s/314c3fe7d9c56446b1e4 In order to jumpstart your learning, free sample training ebooks are available BASED on the following printed books: 1) Attacking Chess: The French by Simon Williams 2) Beating Unusual Defences 1.e4 by Andrew Greet 3) Play 1e4 e5 by Nigel Davies 4) Play the Benko Gambit by N.V. Pederson 5) Play the Caro-Kann by Jovanka Houska 6) Starting Out: 1e4 by Neil McDonald 7) Taming the Sicilian by Nigel Davies 8) Attacking Chess: The King's Indian by David Vigorito 9) Play 1...Nc6 by Christoph Wisnewski 10) Chess Training Pocket Book by Lev Alburt 11) 1001 Brilliant Checkmates by Fred Reinfield 12) Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations by Fred Reinfield 13) Tricky Puzzles by Fred Wilson Follow us on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/chessopeningtrainer


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