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Chess Studio is the first and only application for iPhone and iPad able to completely manage chess database in PGN format. Chess Studio is an application ...

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Chess Studio is the first and only application for iPhone and iPad able to completely manage chess database in PGN format. Chess Studio is an application designed and built for those players who really want to deepen their knowledge in the field of chess, studying chess regularly and participate in tournaments. Chess Studio is a professional tool for the chess player, why is regularly updated with new features and improvements both for the management of databases and chess games, both in terms of the exploitation of device capabilities and the iOS operating system. Chess Studio allows you to: • Read database and games in PGN format (also with extended notation of moves). • Create, delete and modify folders and databases. • Read games with annotations and textual comments. • Modify existing games with move annotation and textual comments. • Insert new games and positions. • Insert moves with annotations and textual comments. • Insert variation, subvariations etc. • Insert and visualize graphical annotation (colored arrows and highlighted squares). • Send games by email. • Download chess database from internet. • Download chess database from PGN Mentor site. • Import games or database from other applications. • Copy/Paste games. • Analyse games with Stockfish 8 engine. • See graphic visualization of moves suggested by Stockfish 8 engine. • Replay games automatically. • Visualize Pawn structure. • Manage Variations and sub-variatons: delete and promote variations. • Read the weekly Magazine The New In Chess (TWIC) and download the games. • Uploading and Downloading PGN database to/from Dropbox. • Three different modes for moving pieces. • Analyse endgames with Nalimov Tablebases. • Analyse and study Chess Openings in the Chess Openings Section. • Automatically classify a database according to ECO code. Other features and technical details: • Modify the board size tapping on the board or through the Settings menu. • Professional chess fonts and figurines for moves notation and annotation. • Preview of the game in the board tapping the Info button. • Quick search feature. • Advanced search feature. • Load a game swiping the chess board. • Visualization of ECO code and Opening during game replay or game insertion. • Visualization of Book Openings during game replay or game insertion. • Portrait/Landscape mode for all devices. • Support of Slide Over and Split View mode. • Function to move up within variants and subvariants. • Online manual frequently updated. • iOS 10 compatible. • Optimized for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad pro • Sharing of databases across devices via iCloud Drive. • Sound option. • Support for iPad Pro Keyboard or bluetooth keyboard. • VoiceOver/Accessibility support. • Help section contains videos to show the main features of Chess Studio. • Direct contact via email with the developer to report problems, ask for explanation and suggestions (very quick answer!). • Languages: English and Italian. These are the main features. The application is continuously updated with new features and improvements. Chess Studio Lite is a smaller version of Chess Studio where some features are limited and doesn't have advertising content. The app doesn't require in-app purchases to work. If you own an iMac or a MacBook try the new Chess Studio for Mac OS!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6.9

Size: 43.3 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Giordano Vicoli

Day of release: 2013-09-3

Recommended age: 4+

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