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China and World EXPO.

*****Better City, Better Life***** The 2010 World Expo, which is to be held in Shanghai(May 1 to Oct 31), will use Chinese culture which values the “pursuit ...

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*****Better City, Better Life***** The 2010 World Expo, which is to be held in Shanghai(May 1 to Oct 31), will use Chinese culture which values the “pursuit of harmony and importance of win-win.” The success of Shanghai World Expo in China shall be evaluated by several indicators. The number of participating countries, international organizations, and the visitors as well as the times of visit will affect the indicators of the overall popularity and economy of the World Expo. How the Chinese government could manage to complete the task of organizing the World Expo and make it a success when trying to embody the common public values of pursuit of equality, freedom and peace draws the worldwide attention. China should use the resources of the whole country and collect the wisdom of the world,to make Shanghai Expo a successful Expo, a wonderful Expo, an unforgettable Expo. The App Included: PREFACE CHAPTER ONE:THE ORIGIN OF THE RELATIONS BETWEEN CHINA AND WORLD EXPO SECTION ONE WORLD EXPO THAT CHINA PARTICIPATED IN SECTION TWO CHINESE PRODUCTS WENT GLOBAL SECTION THREE CHINA’S BID TO HOST 2010 WORLD EXPO CHAPTER TWO: CITY OF HARMONY, THE PLANNING CONCEPT OF SHANGHAI EXPO SITE SECTION ONE PLANNING OF ECOLOGICAL CITY SECTION TWO PROTECTION OF HISTORIC AND CULTURAL HERITAGE SECTION THREE THE URBAN BEST PRACTICES AREA (UBPA) CHAPTER THREE:THE CENTRAL PAVILIONS OF THE SHANGHAI EXPO SECTION ONE CHINA PAVILION AND THEME PAVILION SECTION TWO FOREIGN NATIONAL PAVILIONS AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION PAVILIONS SECTION THREE CORPORATE PAVILIONS CHAPTER FOUR:THE SHANGHAI EXPO IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES AND REGIONS SECTION ONE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPED COUNTRIES TO GET OUT THE FINANCIAL CRISIS SECTION TWO A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES CHAPTER FIVE:THE SHANGHAI EXPO IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHINESE ECONOMY SECTION ONE WORLD EXPO HAS BROUGHT OPPORTUNITY OF DEVELOPMENT TO CHINA SECTION TWO THE PLAN OF THE OVERALL INVESTMENT IN THE EXPO SECTION THREE THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE EXPO SITE HAS SIGNIFICANTLY BOOSTED THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE URBAN CONSTRUCTION IN SHANGHAI SECTION FOUR THE STIMULATION EFFECT OF THE EXPO ON VARIOUS INDUSTRIES CHAPTER SIX THE WORLD THINK HIGHLY OF THE SHANGHAI EXPO Feetan is honored to introduce this book to App Store with the authorization from the original publisher, China Intercontinental Press, the best press offering China related English books. Features: * Automatically Mark your Reading Progress * eight Bookmarks Capacity * full pagination,like the original printed editions * each title includes page numbers * Table of Contents incorporates one click navigation. * remember your reading progress * Swipe to turn the page. * add bookmark progress Support: If you have any technical problems please email us at SUPPORT@FEETAN.COM before you post a review.


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