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Chinese 5000+, is a most popular open-Chinese learning platform, It support voice and text synchronized playback, allowing you to quickly improve your ...

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Chinese 5000+, is a most popular open-Chinese learning platform, It support voice and text synchronized playback, allowing you to quickly improve your Chinese listening and speaking, overcome difficulties for learning Chinese! Chinese 5000+ is focus on "America's current use , the modern expression ". It collects the most explicit expression used by Americans today , and selected a variety of spoken phrases. It covers daily life, easy conversation, to promote understanding, express feelings, festive,mourning, travel, business correspondence,proverbs,idioms,etc.. it contains mainly simple sentences, the basic expression of popular-based, so the audience can effectively learn real and practical English expressions. Whether in sightseeing, traveling, studying, or communication with others, or correspondence with friends and family, It can become your indispensable good assistant. [Software Function] 1. Text and voice simultaneously playback, simultaneous display Chinese translation or not. Oversized fonts,to protect your eyes. 2. Adaptive support for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. 3. Click topics picture to play topics, support select topics or paragraphs to play. 4. Support normal playback, a single topic looping, a single paragraph looping, continuous play (auto play the next section). Suppport playing in background mode. 5. Support timer to stop playing, you can use it to start listening for bedtime. 6. Support the total listen time and today listen time statistics. 7. Support Examination function. According to your selection of topic, system will random generate some question from 5000 sentence, given the English, require users to fill in the corresponding Chinese. System can evaluate the exam result and limit the exam time. Support statistics and manage. This feature is a paid plug-ins, users need to pay another $ 1.99 to buy. [39 topic] 1.At home 2.Enjoy leisure time 3.Sick,injured 4.Love and marriage 5.At work 6.Phone 7.Date and Time 8.Meet,breaking up 9.Casual conversation 10.Reminders,advice 11.Expression 12.Talk about 13.Request 14.Discuss 15.Variety of problems 16.Happy 17.Angry 18.Sad 19.Love,hate 20.Comfort 21.Doubt 22.Difficult time 23.Not interested 24.Shy 25.Surprised 26.Blessing 27.Condolence 28.Holidays,anniversaries 29.On the Plane,restaurant 30.Walking in the street 31.Shopping 32.Dining out 33.Travel 34. Trouble 35.(Email) introduction 36.(Email) body 37.(Email) end 38.(Email) Conclusion 39.Proverbs,idioms


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Version: 1.1

Size: 53.54 MB


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Day of release: 2013-07-3

Recommended age: 4+

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