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Chinese Characters Fly 2

Rank #2 in Taiwan (Word Game) Quick introduction to the game: * the game starts with 64 simple Chinese characters, e.g., 二 (two), 口 (mouth), ...

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Rank #2 in Taiwan (Word Game) Quick introduction to the game: * the game starts with 64 simple Chinese characters, e.g., 二 (two), 口 (mouth), 人 (person), 木 (tree) * play to unlock new characters by your imagination through combination, e.g., 人 (person) + 木 (tree) = 休 (rest: a person sitting near a tree to take a rest) This is the magic of Chinese characters: you can learn Chinese characters by your imagination! A Brief History to Chinese and Chinese Characters Fly -------------------------------------------------------- Chinese is a special language system. Every character has its own meaning and pronunciation. The number of characters is over ten thousands. Therefore, many people think that learning Chinese is very difficult. During the early stage, Chinese characters are mostly developed from Pictographs. Afterwards, they are made from Indicative, Semantics Compound, and then Phonetic-Semantics Compound, Semantics Transfer and Borrowing. The first three kinds are easier to be observed from the characters while the later three are quite abstract. Nevertheless, about 90% of characters have a common characteristic, i.e., they are formed from two or more simpler characters. Based on the above observation, Chinese Characters Fly is developed. It is a series of Chinese educational game. The main aim of the game is to help the user gain more knowledge on the evolution of Chinese characters through gaming. At the same time, we hope that the user can build up his/her Chinese characters database and later on gain interests in Chinese. What is Chinese Characters Fly 2 -------------------------------- Chinese Characters Fly 2 targets at novice to middle level players. The game has set up a certain limitation on levels. To level up, the player has to combine a certain percentage of characters which fall in the current level. In Level 0, there are 64 characters which serve as the base for combining other characters during the game play. To collect a character, you have to combine it with two simpler characters. *** Therefore, starting from only 64 simple Chinese characters, this game can help the player learn more than 500 Chinese characters (around one-fifth of the normal daily usage). *** *** In addition, the game supports both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. *** More Features and How To Play ----------------------------- On the other hand, the game mode and revision mode of this game have been improved when compared to that of Chinese Characters Fly. Within the game, a number of tools are designed to help the gamers tackle each level more smoothly. In revision mode, other than Pinyin of a character, voice pronunciation is also provided. Also, we have collected the story of evolution of some of the characters. Hope that this can arouse your interests of learning and help you memorize the characters more easily. The method of playing is very intuitive. Different Chinese characters will fly out from the screen boundary and you can drag them to the place you like. When you figure out that two Chinese characters can combine, the thing you need to do is to make them collide. After collision, a new character will be formed if this combination is valid. The new Chinese characters formed will now have chances to fly out. Therefore, more and more new characters can be combined. Hope that all of you can recognize more about Chinese characters through the idea of combinations. -------------------------------------------------- Our Chinese Game Series: 1. Chinese Character Fly ! (3000+ Chinese Characters, Suitable for intermediate to advanced level users) (USD $1.99) iPhone/iPod: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id422532504 iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id422538745 2. Star Link Chinese (Linking up Chinese Characters, Suitable for all users) (FREE) http://itunes.apple.com/app/id594388200


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