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Chinese Finger Strokes

"It looks like an app you really want to use. I think it`s fun to see your own handwriting on the screen and compare it to the original character." ...

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"It looks like an app you really want to use. I think it’s fun to see your own handwriting on the screen and compare it to the original character." -- howcanilearnchinese.com We crafted Chinese Finger Strokes to capture the fun moments of stroking Chinese characters on iDevices while being a useful utility app to develop understanding for writing and memorization of Chinese characters. We have designed Chinese Finger Strokes for everyone, anyone who wishes to embark on the journey to learn about Chinese writing system and for everyone who enjoy the simple pleasure of finger stroking. Finally we also would like Chinese Finger Strokes to fulfill our secret wishes to develop initial appreciation for the art of calligraphy. Features: - * Packed with five character template mode in increasing challenges: - 1.Stroke outlines mode - revealing all stroke outlines to write a Chinese character. Suitable for beginners who’re about to get started. 2.“Connecting the dots” - exposes the underlying stroke direction visual in a character. We thought children would like the template, as the template resembles the traditional “connecting the dots” sketching puzzles game. 3.Character outline only suitable for the intermediate level. 4.Automatic dimming of character template - helps to reinforce memorization of the character while being not too challenging. 5.Blind mode - character template is hidden in entirety for the expert only. * Unique bubble animation and interaction to guide the correctness of stroking. These bubbles are located on various essential points in a Chinese character. * Step-by-step animated stroke visualization aid to show the stroking direction required to write a character * TTS voice over for each character. * We hand picked 100 characters based on Asian syllabus for pre-school students. Suitable for individuals who wish to start learning about basics Chinese character and its writing system. * Features are available to customize and organize your course based on stroke ordering and frequency of use. * Features are available to archive current session for later appreciation.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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