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Chinese Furniture for iPad

Step into the magnificent Imperial Palace in Beijing and feast your eyes on the throne and screen with dragon and phoenix designs. Walk into the Qiao ...

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Step into the magnificent Imperial Palace in Beijing and feast your eyes on the throne and screen with dragon and phoenix designs. Walk into the Qiao Family Grand Courtyard in Shanxi and caress the rough and simple tables and chairs. Wander around Wu Town, a small town along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Zhejiang, and find king-size antique beds with intricately carved patterns. Stroll through the classical gardens of Suzhou dotted with exquisite furniture. In all these places you might wonder how the ingenious and delicate furniture was designed, created, painted, decorated, maintained and left in its current state. You also might wonder who was the proud owner of these pieces. Was it an emperor with great talent and bold vision? Was it a patriotic and unlucky literati, a rich merchant, or a simple ordinary person? You might wonder what kind of life the owner lived and experiences he went through. Or maybe you are not conscious of anything but prefer to simply indulge in the details of the furniture of their color, luster, feel, surface, body, leg and foot, shape, outline, line and framework. You might give the pieces of furniture enough time and space to display their beauty and tell their own stories. That’s furniture, which accompanies people’s lives. Chinese furniture marks many of the historical and cultural accomplishments from the long history of people. First, furniture is needed to meet the needs of every day life. Following changes in society, lifestyles and the development of technical skills, furniture is a constantly changing presence that integrates scientific fidelity, artistic quality and practicality. Over time, furniture has evolved. It is no longer a simple necessity and expression of craftsmanship. Today, the furniture is evidence of China’s historical development and a symbol of Chinese culture. People like and live with the furniture, because it is fitting company for life. People cherish furniture as a handy art treasure, elegant and charming. With abundant masterpieces, Chinese furniture has a distinctive oriental style. Let’s walk into the world of Chinese furniture. Feetan is honored to introduce this book to App Store with the authorization from the original publisher, China Intercontinental Press, the best press offering China related English books. __FIND_US______________________ Web: www.feetan.com Twitter: @FeetanInc Facebook: facebook.com/pages/chinabookstore Emails: support@feetan.com


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1

Size: 20.51 MB


Price: 5,99 €

Developed by Fee Tan

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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