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Chinese LS Touch is an App for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad for learning chinese vocables. It combines a comprehensive chinese dictionary with a topnotch ...

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Chinese LS Touch is an App for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad for learning chinese vocables. It combines a comprehensive chinese dictionary with a topnotch vocable trainer. The vocable trainer utilizes the unique touch interface to intuitively teach you how to draw the chinese characters by displaying strokeorder guidelines. But these are just sone of the many features helping you in learning chinese vocables. FEATURES - 100.000 chinese vocables - all vocables have Traditional & Simplified forms, Pīn Yīn & Zhu Yin readings and english translations - many words have also german & french translation - possibilty to import your own translations for the vocables - 7 default vocabulary sets (HSK 1 - 6 and all in one set) - SOUNDS for 5000 words (In-App purchase) - possibilty to create custom vocabulary sets within the program - possiblity to import your own custom vocabulary sets (of vocables in the programs database) - Strokeorder guidelines for almost all chinese characters used in the dictionary (about 12.000) - numerous ways to select the vocables you want to train: - All vocables of the current set - custom selection (vocables selected via browser) - Range of vocables (e.g. vocable 40 till vocable 60) TEST - 6 Testtypes: - Vocable --> Meaning - Meaning --> Vocable - Vocable --> Reading - Reading --> Vocable - Word --> missing Character - Audio --> Meaning [In-App purchase] - 2 Testmodes: - Direct Input (drawing or keyboard) - Multiple Choice VOCABLE BROWSER - list of all vocables in the current vocabulary set or all vocables of the program‘s database - search for a specific vocably by translation, reading or the chinese word itself - display details of a specific vocable - select specific vocables for a custom selection you want to train MISC - Import your own custom vocabulary set (e.g. if you want to train only the vocables of lesson x of your textbook) - Import your own translations for the vocables (e.g. if you learn by certain translation that differs from the default translation in the program or if the translation for your language is missing) - Backup & Sync between devices via Dropbox - Learning with the Leitner system (SRS) - Practice mode (for learning how to draw the chinese words/characters) - User Interface fully localized in English, French and German for more information/videos/screenshots/handbook: If you find a bug in the software please send me an email [jan(a)] with as many information as possible so I can try to reproduce and fix it: - device & firmware - what did you do step by step - settings (current set, test mode, Leitner actice...) - does it happen always/sometime/once This app uses the CC-CEDICT (, HanDeDict File ( and CFDICT ( dictionary files


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 30.32 MB


Price: 8,61 €

Developed by Jan Bogner

Day of release: 2010-02-1

Recommended age: 4+

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