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Chinese Learning Express Module 2

The Chinese Learning Express was developed based on the extensive experience of teaching methodology and our many years of teaching a language as additional ...

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The Chinese Learning Express was developed based on the extensive experience of teaching methodology and our many years of teaching a language as additional languages in the North America. This has been showcased in the following aspects: 1. Content selection: The context was selected to be suitable for North America culture so that students between the age of 12 and 25 are familiar with the content in their second language learning; 2. Teaching language selection: English was chosen as a tool to communicate with students so that they can appreciate and understand Mandarin more easily and readily. 3. The delivery format is in modular bases so that students can apply the use of sentences and expressions soon after learning them. Their interest in studying Chinese is sustained through this method of design and delivery. 4. The combination of video, internet, multimedia, and textbook was used in our development so that instructors can demonstrate the scenario displays and grammar learning, along with culturally relevant videos in each module. This can promote students' interests and learning efficiency. 5. The Chinese Learning Express also provides instructors with interactive teaching plans and classroom activities that North America students are familiar with and have used in their English learning environment. These teaching plans cover all four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing using computer technology that assists instructors in downloading teaching notes, handouts, as well as in class exercises and assignments. The system is designed in such a way that multimedia instruction can be performed with equal success with or without the internet in the classroom. 6. The Chinese Learning Express was developed based on guidelines consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the British Columbia Provincial Mandarin Curriculum, and the International Curriculum of Mandarin, established by Hanban. The Chinese Learning Express has adopted an objective guided interactive methodology that dictates the context, the teaching plans, assignment, exercises, and assessment. The Chinese Learning Express consists of 12 scenarios as communicative tasks, 20 videos of live dialogue, 30 in-classroom activities, 46 grammar components, and 15 contemporary Chinese culture videos. Mandarin teachers can utilize the 15 sets of practices and assignments combining listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to monitor the student progress based on the evaluation forms provided in this Chinese Learning Express. Module 2 introduces the basics for describing the family, such as the number of members in a family and simple information about their homes. This module includes activities in which students will use images of a family in order to practice introducing family members using basic descriptive information. Students will also participate in an acting and guessing activity that will allow them to become more familiar with family related vocabulary. For cultural reference, students will be introduced to the structure of Chinese families and will learn the proper ways to address different relatives. This module’s assignment and assessment worksheets outline grammar points and provide practice for students in skill-areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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