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Learn Chinese on-the-go with this MP3 audio flashcards application. == What is an Audio Flash Card? == An Audio Flash Card is an MP3 file that contains ...

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Learn Chinese on-the-go with this MP3 audio flashcards application. == What is an Audio Flash Card? == An Audio Flash Card is an MP3 file that contains a short (30 second) Chinese word or phrase as well as its English translation. While listening, each flip card allows you to check the Pinyin, Chinese characters, and English answers. You can even add your own hints! The slow pronunciation speed helps you identify the sound and tone of every character. Plus the faster pronunciation speed gives added realism. The Chinese is repeated six times for each flashcard to drive home your learning. This app is designed to be used walking, riding, driving, and on-the-go. You can lock your phone and put it in your pocket - you will hear both the Chinese and English - no need to check the screen. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward from the built-in iPhone headphone clicker. Visually check the answers from the Lock-Screen (no need to unlock your phone). == Features == * 30,000 words and phrases available * 200 Category word lists * 20 free essential phrases * Chinese-to-English plus English-to-Chinese * No advertising! == Playlists == The app comes included with 20 essential words and phrases essential for basic survival in China. You can practice these in English-to-Chinese mode (first listen to the English then try to guess the Chinese) or Chinese-to-English mode (first listen to the Chinese then try to guess the English). Additional playlists can be directly purchased and downloaded from within the app. Your playlist progress will be preserved and the playlist will be re-randomized only after you’re finished. This ensures you practice all your flashcards - even if your playlist is so long it takes you a couple of weeks to review. == Unlike Other Apps == This application has: * Human voice * Very slow, very clear pronunciation * Plus faster pronunciation for added realism * All tones - including the “fifth tone” (or “no tone”) * Chinese repeated six times per flashcard * Audible English together with audible Chinese * Repeat difficult flashcards 2, 3, or 4 times * Full words and phrases - not just characters * Reports to track your progress * Preserve randomized playlist order * Add your own hints and notes * Check the answers from the Lock Screen * Headphone clicker support == Support == If you need help, go to our support site: www.mp3flashcards.com/FAQ If you find a mistake or have a suggestion send an email to: support@mp3flashcards.com


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