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♥ #1 Free Education App, #9 Free App in Korea. ♥ 중국어 여행 영어 버전(음성 지원 í 리미어 버전) Recommend to someone ...

Discontinued App


♥ #1 Free Education App, #9 Free App in Korea. ♥ 중국어 여행 영어 버전(음성 지원 í 리미어 버전) Recommend to someone who has a plan for visit China or to study basic Chinese. Contain basic Chinese conversation examples & basic words for trip. â—‰ Features â–¶ You can study basic Chinese. â–¶ Arrange basic daily conversions â–¶ Recommend to someone who has a plan for visit China for business. â–¶ All sentence has a native speaker's pronunciation, Chinese character,Pinyin â–¶ You can train yourself perfectly with native speaker's correct pronunciation â–¶ Containing over 700 sentences of conversion. Contents. [1] China Travel 1. The basis of Chinese 1) Single Finals 2) Compound Finals 3) Nasal Finals 4) Initials 5) Tones 2. Basic conversations 1) Basic greetings 2) Basic answerings 3) Asking after a person 4) First meeting 5) Expression of appreciations 6) Asking questions 7) Requesting 8) Apologizing 9) Asking again 3. Chinese travel conversation 1.) Departure from a country. 1-1) At the port of entry 1-2.) When retrieving baggage of cargo 1-3.) Customs Inspection 1-4.) During flight 1-5.) Filling out the immigration form 2) Have a meal 2-1) Restaurant reservations 2-2) Ordering at a restaurant 2-3) Basic conversation in a restaurant 2-4) At a fast food restaurant 2-5) When paying 3) Using mass transportation 3-1) When riding a bus 3-2) When riding a subway 3-3) When riding a taxi 3-4) When riding a plane 3-5) When riding a train 3-6) Basic questions for directions 4) Going sightseeing 4-1) Basic tour conversations 4-2) Basic conversations while touring 4-3) When shopping 4-4) In a duty free shop 4-5) buying products 4-6) Shipping or refund 5) Currency exchange, mailing and telephone 5-1) Currency exchange in a bank 5-2) When sending a mail 5-3) When calling 6) Emergency situation 6-1) Emergency conversations 6-2) Lost and found, robbery incident 6-3) In a pharmacy 6-4) At a hospital 6-5) In an accident 7) Returning home 7-1) Booking homecoming flights 7-2) Reservation check 7-3) Boarding procedures 7-4) A boarding [2] Easy Voca 1 * Total 300 words. * Support native speaker’s voice(Premium version). * Include ‘My words note’.


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