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Chinese Word Search, Lite

***The only Chinese language game in App Store*** ***Fantastic game, helps me to learn Mandarin Chinese*** ***Hey, I ordered Chinese food from the menu, ...

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***The only Chinese language game in App Store*** ***Fantastic game, helps me to learn Mandarin Chinese*** ***Hey, I ordered Chinese food from the menu, and got a big kick out of it*** We have two versions: Lite and Pro. The Lite version is ad supported and free; and the Pro version or audio edition is a paid version. Try the Lite version first. Visit our sponsors to support us. We appreciate your support. What is the difference between the Lite and Pro version Both versions share the same content database, so you do not miss any character, word or sentence. However, the Lite version is for simplified Chinese only, and there is no audio. The Pro version is design for both simplified and traditional Chinese, and best of all, it has audio to tell you how each character is pronounced. Touch a Chinese character, you will hear the pronunciation from a native speaker from Beijing; after you find the correct word or sentence, you will hear the whole word or sentence once more. Application Description : Chinese Word Search is a game to test your ability of recognizing Chinese words, phrases, sentences. It is designed to help you to learn the Chinese language, complementary to your classroom learning or online learning. For beginners, it helps you to get yourself familiar and comfortable with Chinese characters; for intermediate level or advanced level students, it helps you to retain what you learned. It's a great way to kill time :-). The game is played on a grid, from 5x5 to 9x9, where Chinese characters are displayed. You look for meaningful words, phrases and sentences on the grid lined up in a line: horizontal (from left to right), vertical (from top to bottom) and diagonal (from left to right), with help from the prompt at the bottom. You have a choice for the prompt: Chinese, English and Pinyin. You are timed and awarded one point for each correct character chosen. If you make a mistake, a point is deducted. For this version (v1.1) free game, there are 9 themes (up from 4 in v1.0): Basic 500, Conversation, Food and Drinks, Brand names, The Three Kingdoms, Countries around the world, Chinese cities and provinces, International cities, and Random. Features: --Theme based. --Basic 500: 500 most common Chinese characters and their phrases (it's said that you can read 80% of Chinese newspaper when you master these 500 characters.) --Conversation: 200 most common Chinese sentences. Master them will go a long way for you. --Food and Drinks: over 500 delicious Chinese dishes and drinks. Are they palatable? --Brand names: most of the world renowned brand names. Look at those fancy names. --Countries around the world: almost 200 of the countries around the world. Find out how the Chinese say your favorite city. --The Three Kingdoms: over 100 main characters and idioms from the classic Chinese novel. --Chinese Cities and Provinces: over 300 Chinese city and province names. Get yourself familiar with them. --International cities: over 200 international city names. --You can choose any combination of the three prompts: Chinese, English and Pinyin.


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