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Chinese Writing / 中国汉字 (5)

Note: Please contact us by email (admin@pandawords.com) or on Twitter (www.twitter.com/pandawords) regarding any enquireies, before writing a review, ...

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Note: Please contact us by email (admin@pandawords.com) or on Twitter (www.twitter.com/pandawords) regarding any enquireies, before writing a review, since we cannot respond to any of your reviews. PandaWords Chinese Writing for Kids - Level 5 Start ahead and make a perfect first step in learning Chinese! Reading and writing Chinese can be difficult, but PandaWords Chinese Writing for Kids makes it easy for young learners to learn, memorize and practice. The simple and intuitive design of the applicaiton is easy to understand and increase learning efficiency. Every word's stroke animation along with chinese pronunciation in real native voice are displayed on vividly colored interface to arouse learning interests. PandaWords Chinese Writing for Kids includes more than 1000 must-learn words which are drawn from the most commonly and frequently used word list published by the Ministry of Education of PRC (China). When these words are mastered, youare able to achieve the learning objective of reading and writing Chinese which is sufficient to cope with 80% of the language used in daily life and work situations. This program consists of 5 levels, from the easiest Level 1 to the more challenging Level 5. Each level helps you to build a soild starting foundation, acquire and grasp new knowledge. The five levels together can effectively help you to learn, improve and master the knowledge learned in this program. Each level features: - Program design and word selection targeting young learners of 8 years old or above - Stroke animation in writing sequence of every word makes it easy for you to learn - Clear English definitions for each word - Chinese pronunciation in real native voice - Pinyin (phonetics) displayed on each word to enhance learning - Practice mode helps you for easy learning and memorizing - Words can be saved for future learning and practice - extra words bonus for fast learners (PandaWords Chinese Writing for Kids works as a stand alone application and no internet or WiFi connection is required.) IMPORTANT NOTES: - For best application performance, please upgrade to iPhone 2.2 software. - Please ensure sound effects/ringer is on, the audio will not play in silent mode. OTHER POPULAR PRODUCTS: - PandaWords Chinese Writing for Kids Level 1, 2, 3, 4 - PandaWords Chinese Writing for Beginners Level 1, 2 & 3 - PandaWords Chinese Writing for Intermediate Level 1 & 2 - Other learning tools and dictionaries for English learners on www.PandaWords.com/iphone.jsp


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