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Chinese to Thai by Language Hostess

完美的中文至泰语常用语手册 - 让漂亮的泰语女主人在您的旅行中陪伴您并随时帮助您说泰语和学习泰语。500多个泰语单词和短语的高质量视频和录音,快速搜索功能轻松找到任何单词,当然还有我们可爱的泰语女主人凝视着您的眼睛并说出每一个单词,这无疑是当前最有用也是好看的中文至泰语应用程序! 你是否曾经希望旅行时拥有一个你能够随时向他询问“你用泰语怎么说…..?”或者为你说当地语言的同伴?你的Language ...

Discontinued App


完美的中文至泰语常用语手册 - 让漂亮的泰语女主人在您的旅行中陪伴您并随时帮助您说泰语和学习泰语。500多个泰语单词和短语的高质量视频和录音,快速搜索功能轻松找到任何单词,当然还有我们可爱的泰语女主人凝视着您的眼睛并说出每一个单词,这无疑是当前最有用也是好看的中文至泰语应用程序! 你是否曾经希望旅行时拥有一个你能够随时向他询问“你用泰语怎么说…..?”或者为你说当地语言的同伴?你的Language Hostess为你提供了你应该拼读的短语和单词。在你的空闲时间内,让Hostess教你之后你可以自己使用的短语和单词。如果你需要与出租车司机、服务员或者某个特别的人交谈,你只需让Hostess替你讲话。 —500多个泰语单词和短语,并都配有泰文脚本;中文至泰语翻译和音 发音 —每个单词和短语的优质视频和音频 —可以快速搜索所有单词和短语,因此您在找寻您所需内容时不必花费很多时间 —声音非常适合耳机或者您的iPhone扬声器 —拥有多个女仆供你选择,让你拥有愉快的视觉和听觉 —针对每种状况的多个类别 —更换服装! —“来自您的女仆的信息”和“看着我的眼睛”等附加功能。 The perfect Chinese to Thai phrasebook - let the beautiful women of Thai Language Hostess accompany you on your travels and assist you to speak and learn Thai whenever you desire. With high quality video and audio for over 500 Thai phrases and words, quick search for easily finding any word, and of course our lovely Thai Hostesses looking into your eyes and speaking each word, it is simply the most useful and best looking Chinese to Thai language app available! Do you ever wish when travelling you could have a companion at your side at all times that you could ask “How do you say in Thai…..?” Or someone that could speak the local language for you? Your Language Hostess provides you with the exact phrases and words as you should pronounce them. In your spare time, let the Hostess teach you phrases and words you can then use on your own. If it’s a taxi driver, waitress or a special someone you need to speak to, simply let the Hostess do the talking for you. - Over 500 Thai words and phrases each with Thai Script, Chinese to Thai Translation and Phonetic Pronunciations - High quality video and audio for every word and phrase - Quick search of all words and phrases so you don’t have to spend time looking for what you need - Audio is perfect for headphones or over your iPhone speakers - Multiple hostesses for your viewing and listening pleasure - A variety of categories for every situation - Costume changes! - Extras like “A message from your hostess” and “Look into my eyes”.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 249.44 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Right Shore Business Services Private Limited

Day of release: 2011-06-7

Recommended age: 4+

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