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Chirp! Bird Song of Britain and Europe +

Chirp! The original app for identifying and learning bird songs - and still the best! "Great app... Everyone loves it... Can I request a Bittern?" ...

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Chirp! The original app for identifying and learning bird songs - and still the best! "Great app... Everyone loves it... Can I request a Bittern?" - Simon Mayo, top BBC radio presenter "Equal parts wildlife guide and feel-good pick-me-up" - The Guardian, "Top 10 Green Apps" "Identifying a bird by its song is fun and satisfyling and this app is a great help" - The Telegraph, 500 Must-Have Apps 2014 "Best for Birdwatchers" - Daily Mail, "12 Brilliant Applications" Chosen by Apple for "Apps for the Great Outdoors" Featuring 208 songs and calls, each up to 40 seconds long, from the well-known sounds of the Tawny Owl and Cuckoo to the rare call of the Bittern. Alternative recordings are included for birds with varied voices. If there's a sound missing that you would like us to include, just let us know and we will do our best to add it in. ** The app includes the sounds of 153 British birds - many more than any other British birdsong app! ** Identifying and learning bird songs can be hard, but not with Chirp! Simply tap the bird photo to flip it over and reveal helpful tips plus a short description of the song. Unique to Chirp! is that birds can be arranged in order of commonness, so you can listen to the most common ones first, then move on to rarer species. This helps when you are learning songs and also when you are trying to identify a strange bird as you can see the most likely candidates first. Other great features include sorting by song style, so that you can compare birds that hoot and coo, or those with high pitched songs for example, plus sorting by habitat and bird group. After listening, try the quiz to test your memory. Answer fast to earn a score multiplier and get on the high score table. Experienced birders can use the custom quiz to help distinguish and learn similar songs. Another unique feature is a slideshow with a voiceover, announcing the name of the bird at the end of each clip. This is useful for casually testing yourself, and is also a good way of competing with the family - who can say the name of the bird first?! Includes birds from Britain, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Choose to see bird names in many European languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Spanish. To keep up with the latest Chirp! news, join the Chirp! community: Facebook: http://is.gd/vsey/Chirp Twitter: http://twitter.com/iSpiny Problems? Email us! support@spinysoftware.com


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.3

Size: 206.12 MB


Price: $ 4.35

Developed by Spiny Software Ltd

Day of release: 2010-05-27

Recommended age: 4+

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