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Build your sheet music library with a collection of major works for piano by Frédéric Chopin. Features: • Music scores contained within the app ...

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Build your sheet music library with a collection of major works for piano by Frédéric Chopin. Features: - Music scores contained within the app - no further downloads. - Excellent viewing with full page sheet music browser. - Easy page turn with one swipe. - Zoom in either landscape or portrait mode. - Universal app works on iPhone or iPad. - Uses high resolution images for extra clarity. - Create your own repertoire list - for quick access. - Share music scores with friends via email This app includes over 1,300 pages of piano sheet music by Chopin. Rather than download each piece - the sheet music is indexed and embedded within the app - so you spend less time sorting music and more time playing! Music is displayed full screen with ‘zoom’ and ‘page swipe’ - to enlarge detail and change pages. Say goodbye to shifting through dusty manuscripts - with one tap music is brilliantly displayed onscreen - bringing classical music to a new generation. Frédéric Chopin (March 1, 1810 - October 17, 1849) is one of the most famous, influential, and admired composers and virtuoso pianists of the Romantic era. A major figure in nineteenth-centry classical music and the Romantic Period, Chopin was one of a very small group of child prodigies, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Felix Mendelssohn. Chopin's legacy consists almost entirely of works for the piano. The instrument was everything to him, and he found previously undreamt of levels of subtlety and expression within its keys. He was acknowledged as a virtuoso, but one who had a very distinctive style, concentrating on delicacy of touch and extreme variations of dynamics and color. He was singularly gifted in the realm of melody, and was also a key figure in the popularizing of the polonaise, mazurka and other dance rhythms which was to lead many later composers to study closely the music of their own countries. Chopin's music is often mercurial, and can move from the dreaminess of the nocturnes to the fire and spirit of the ballades and polonaises, the elegance and dash of his waltzes to the brutal emotional realism of his sonatas. His output was relatively slim, and of his orchestral works only the two piano concertos have held their place in the popular repertoire, but the diversity and variety of his keyboard achievements, and the phenomenal technical challenges set by his solo pieces, have given him a special place in the development of music. Produced by Momedia - helping explore, reference and learn music. Download the complete collection of piano sheet music by Frédéric François.


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