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❊❊ "If you`d like a hand teaching your children some responsibility, this app may be a good companion to that effort." - padgadget.com ❊❊ ...

Discontinued App


❊❊ "If you’d like a hand teaching your children some responsibility, this app may be a good companion to that effort." - padgadget.com ❊❊ "If you assign chores for your children then Chore Cards for iPhone and iPad is a great way for you to track what they’ve done and their rewards." - kids-app-reviews.com ❊❊ Voted #2 in December 2012 “Show Offs!” - Top 10 Popular Kids Apps from AppyMall - techinspecialed.com Chore Cards is a universal app that will run on iPhone and iPad. The Chore Card images are retina ready and look crystal clear on the new iPad. This free version of Chore Cards has a few limitations from the full version - Only one child allowed - No custom chores can be added - No printing or scanning chore cards If you like Chore Cards, Please purchase the full version to support continued development of this great kids app. Chore Cards is a set of 25 chores meant to teach our little ones how to become independent by establishing good daily habits and motivating them through rewards. Custom chore cards can also be added. With 11 kids in the AppDads.com family we like to think we know something about kids. One main thing we've learned about kids is that they are sight readers. For example, kids don't need to be able to read the McDonald's words, they recognize the golden arches. With this in mind, we set out to make a chores app that kids at any age can use. Each chore is shown in a with a tiger character performing the chore. There are two chore card themes to choose from, one is a boy tiger and the other is a girl tiger. Parents can now add custom chore cards. Snap a photo of your child doing the chore and save it as a custom chore with a point value. The Chore Cards app now supports chore scanning. Once you have setup a set of chores for your child, you can print each chore card. Each card is assigned a QR code that is scanned by the app. This is another fun way for kids to mark off done chores. By using the camera on the iPhone or iPad, kids scan chores they have completed. We realized that as much as the kids love using the iPhone or iPad to mark off chores, Kids need to be able to see the chores that need to be done as much as possible. Printing the chore cards allows parents to make a chore chart that can be hung on the wall that kids can visualize and still get the fun of using the app to track completed chores. The chores are easily readable on the iPhone and extra big on the iPad. Chore Cards is gesture controlled. The kids intuitively use their finger to drag the completed chore to the done pile. The kids feel a sense of accomplishment. Then you as the parent can review the completed chores by flicking through them like a deck of cards. Chore Cards also gives us parents a way to enter goals and rewards. Custom rewards can be added with a picture and point value that the kids can work towards on a daily basis. Please checkout the website for more screenshots and a video demo.


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