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Chromatics Music Playing Cards Free Edition

Finally, a fun Music Theory Education Training Tool! The easiest and most entertaining technique to learn all your scales and chords in the language ...

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Finally, a fun Music Theory Education Training Tool! The easiest and most entertaining technique to learn all your scales and chords in the language of music! Accolades - See why over 10,000 satisfied music teachers and students use Chromatics Music Playing Cards and their favorite tool for teaching and learning their scales and chords. - NAMM: “Cool Tools For Schools Best Award For 2011” - NAMM: “Best in Show Summer NAMM 2011” Knowledge of Music playing cards and card games appeal to: - Aspiring Musicians - Music Teachers and Students - Instrument Hobbyists - Homeschoolers A new twist on classic card games reinforces your knowledge of music. Play games like: solitaire, solitaire in key, and build sevenths to increase your knowledge of music. Klondike Solitaire: played just like the classic card game, with notes of the chromatic scale instead of numbered cards, jacks, queens and kings. The classic version of Klondike solitaire will help you move around the chromatic scale in ascending and descending order. Klondike Solitaire “In Key”: progress to this version of Klondike Solitaire to learn patterns of major and minor scales within the chromatic scale. Stack notes by suit and major or minor scale notes. Build sevenths: encourages the player to learn to assemble Seventh Chords. Stack notes required to build seventh chords (C, E, G, B) FUNCTION TIPS Double tap the playing card to see and learn important musical information: •which notes belong to a key •which notes belong to a seventh chord Basic Instructions: Single tap note cards with flats and sharps to rotate between enharmonic notes like Ab/G#. Double tap note cards to expose cheat sheet with chord and scale construction just like the physical decks. Double tap table top to review the key of the game. Background to Chromatics Music Playing Cards: Learn your scales and chords easily by playing familiar card games with a musical twist using the chromatic scale tone values to build chords and scales. Once you know your scales and chords, you've find it much easier to to play your musical instrument with greater confidence. We took a traditional deck of cards and removed all the numbered cards, jacks, queens and kings, replacing them with the twelve notes of the chromatic scale. These twelve tone cards can now be used to learn how to build all scales and chords. As an aspiring musician, the founder of Knowledge Of Music, Inc felt a compelling need to overcome the challenges of learning to play piano. For those of us that have tried, the obstacles seem insurmountable at times. When confronted with this challenge, after pondering the problem for a bit, it was recognized that learning to play an instrument really presents three separate challenges: 1. Learning to THINK with the alphabet and vocabulary of music, knowing scales and chords, so as to consciously be able to coordinate listening, play and the manipulation of an instrument. 2. Learning to manipulate an instrument with sufficient proficiency that the instrument becomes a natural extension of the player’s body. 3. Learning to listen... and genuinely being able to hear the distinctions between various tones and chords. Knowledge Of Music, Inc has created Chromatics Music Playing Cards as an alternative technique to help a music student to learn scales and chords even when away from an instrument.


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