The Q & A's below provide app information, and the quoted text in Answers come from actual users and/or ed-tech reviews of Chronicle: Q: What is Chronicle? ...

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The Q & A's below provide app information, and the quoted text in Answers come from actual users and/or ed-tech reviews of Chronicle: Q: What is Chronicle? A: "Chronicle is the most functional, easy to use, and comprehensive conferring app I've ever used."; A: "A one of a kind data tracking app for teachers."; A: "Godsend" Q: What makes Chronicle so powerful? A: "There are tons of handy features that make Chronicle fabulous."; A: "I have used tools like Evernote, Confer, and Three Ring to track my reading conferences and anecdotal assessments, but there have always been missing features. Chronicle has it all!”; A: "Chronicle helps me keep everything documented in one place. I can spend more time working with my students on the skills they need." Created for teachers by (husband and wife) teachers, Chronicle helps you make instructional decisions, provide valuable feedback, and communicate student growth and needs through the accumulation of rich, informative student data. Chronicle is ideal for Reading and Writing Workshop but can be used in any subject to: • efficiently take customizable notes (conferring notes or observational notes) and apply them to individuals and small groups. • capture photo, video, and/or audio notes. • track formative assessments of learning objectives, learning behaviors, or social behaviors using a unique Traffic Light design. • create digital student portfolios by designating any note (text, photo, video, and audio) as an Artifact. • align teaching with the Common Core Standards (*importing of these standards is optional). • record and track student progress using an integrated and multifaceted grade book. • view and share data in a variety of ways. • promote school-wide collaboration by securely passing data from one year’s teacher to the next. • keep data safe (capable of being password protected, and data can be backed up and restored via iCloud and Dropbox). Q: What about the cost? A: "Great app!! Worth the money!"; A: “Whenever I see apps that cost in the double digits, I become apprehensive of them, but this one is worth every penny."; A: "Well worth the 20 bucks!" Q: Will I be supported? A: Customer service is awesome too - owned and operated by educators."; A: "Powerhouse Education also has amazing customer service. I contacted them before I purchased Chronicle and heard back within twenty-four hours."; A: "I encourage you to check out Powerhouse Education's YouTube channel. You will find a variety of videos about their apps, including step by step instructions for setting up the app for your students." So what are you waiting for? Grab Chronicle and open up all the possibilities! Upgrade your teaching by becoming a Powerhouse teacher today! *NOTE: Chronicle is fully compatible with iOS 7.0 and above.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.4.1

Size: 9.1 MB


Price: 13,55 €

Developed by Powerhouse Education

Day of release: 2013-08-2

Recommended age: 4+

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