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Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) is a great app for kindergarten through 3rd grade children. It teaches a combination of high frequency and sight ...

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Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) is a great app for kindergarten through 3rd grade children. It teaches a combination of high frequency and sight words (from the Dolch Sight Word list). The list of 50 words was selected to cover words that a child encounters most often when learning to read (high frequency), including words that cannot be learned using pictures (sight words). Learning to spell these words adds to a strong foundation in reading and spelling for beginning readers. In this game, your child will help Cimo the penguin reach an iceberg to catch fish. Each correct letter chosen adds a block to his bridge. Finish the word and Cimo can cross, but watch out for wrong letters, or Cimo will take a dip! This is the fun game to improve your child's spelling abilities. Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) also includes a progress report for parents. The report allows them to track their child’s performance in spelling the sight and high frequency words, and provides play history with game details (i.e, On this date, your child has played level 1 and level 2 and in each game, what item has been asked and what your child has answered). An additional setup option allows for a parent or teacher to customize the number of questions to match their child. We also include the options for self-correction (i.e, kids could correct their answer in the second try) and clearing out all the reports. This game will help your child improve their reading skills in a fun and interactive environment. **Plus, this game allows multiple users, so parent or teacher can add more than one user to keep the progress report for individual child. ***In full version, you can add up to 30 users and your child can learn more sight words (up to 255 words). Features Cimo Spelling Sight Lite (Multi-User) is divided into 6 total levels to help children practice sight words in grade appropriate levels (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade), with one additional level for high frequency words. The final challenge level mixes all the words together and adds incorrect letter options to increase difficulty. **All words have been recorded by professional voice talent. *** If you have any questions or problems related to our app, please email us at We are willing to assist you.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.2

Size: 11.16 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by PlaySmart-Kids

Day of release: 2011-08-11

Recommended age: 4+

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