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** Ingenious Multi-Award Winning Toy NOW AVAILABLE AS AN APP!! ** Circa Calendar is leaping into the interactive world as an app with a countdown feature ...

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** Ingenious Multi-Award Winning Toy NOW AVAILABLE AS AN APP!! ** Circa Calendar is leaping into the interactive world as an app with a countdown feature to help children count down to an important event! “17 sleeps to my birthday?? How many days to Christmas? WOW!” Learn the components of the calendar with clear voice over features to learn the days of the week and the months of the year. Tap a season icon to learn about the start of a new season. Includes colour coding for clear differentiation between week days and weekends and number of days in a month. This unique app encourages parent-child interaction, fostering communication and learning in a fun and engaging manner. Circa breaks down the calendar into bite size chunks, such that children can learn at their own pace with gradual progression. It’s all about learning through play. The Circa calendar is presented to the user in a more visually intuitive way using a circular format rather than the traditional linear set up. With Circa, the full calendar is uniquely presented in ONE image, allowing the user a complete picture to learn time perception and to understand the cyclical nature of the calendar. Count the finite number of months in a year (12), the number of days in the week (7) and the number of days in a given month (28-31), before it all starts over again. Fun for children of all ages. Helpful as well for children with learning disabilities. App Features: Movable markers to highlight a highlight a day, month or date Colour coded days of the week to separate between weekend and week days Colour coded months of the year to correspond with the number of days in each month (the app automatically only shows the number of days in a given month) Cool countdown function icon to emphasise an important event (Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year) - up to a year in advance Seasons icons Voice over for days of the week and months of the year Today-button for fast navigation. In-app video of nursery rhyme to help learning the correct week day sequence Awards: Bronze Award - Classic Toys Category - Practical Preschool Awards 2012 Highly Commended - Toys that Help Communications Category - Talking Tots Awards 2011 Winner - Inventor Category - British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards (BFIIN) 2011 Highly Commended - Wooden Toy Category - Rainbow Toy Awards 2011 Winner - Best New Children's Product - Top Drawer 2011 September


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