Circle of 5ths Master, 4th Edition

Lifetime musician’s companion! • New Additions - The Guide: You will discover regular patterns or algorithms. Use the guide dots to understand the circle ...

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Lifetime musician’s companion! • New Additions - The Guide: You will discover regular patterns or algorithms. Use the guide dots to understand the circle better and apply your own interpretations (e.g. simple math calculations). Simply rotate those small colored dots (not rotate the circle!!) to see how they relate with other keys (Hint: Double tap - return to original position). - Intervals Tables: All possible intervals are organized (over 290 intervals) in one page. Simply scroll up and down to see other intervals on the page. You can listen to the harmonic and melodic sound of the intervals with the musical notation and letters. - Change background: You can now change background. Try a different background whenever you want, it is fun! Feel fresh when you study - 7 textures and 40 plain colors (random) x 12 different colored circles = 564 combinations! - Ornamentation & Spotlights - Key Signature Quiz - 12 Zodiac signs - Circle of 5ths Analog Clock · 8 points of the compass & angle degree display • Improvements - New design and User Interface (UI) - About 25% louder in sound - Performance: built with the latest tools and technology available - User interactions - Scales: added both accidentals and key signatures - Triads: 1st, 3rd and 5th notes can be selectable which is useful in the inversions • Changes - Supports only portrait mode for optimal performance and stability The ultimate goal of this app is to master the comprehensive musical materials with ease. For example, the interval itself is a pretty wide area, which takes perhaps a lifetime to learn. This app breaks down intervals into as small units as possible in order to that you can achieve them in a step-by-step manner. • Main benefits - Mastering Circle of 5ths and key signatures - Mastering all triads and scales - Improving aural perception - Better in chord progressions - Better in transcription and arrangement of music - Musical confidence and improvement in teaching music - Much more **** Features **** 1. Circle of 5ths i. Flat keys, Major enharmonic, Major, All keys, blank, minor, minor enharmonic and sharp keys ii. Circle of all – 2nds, 7ths, 4ths, 3rds and 6ths iii. 23 Circle colors iv. Over 40 different backgrounds to choose from v. Spotlights (on/off) - iPad version only vi. Ornamentation (on/off) vii. Guide rotation viii. Geometry (new) ix. 8 points of the compass & angle degree display 2. 12 Astrological/Zodiac signs i. Chromatic circle ii. Circle of fifths iii. 12 zodiac signs, their dates & elements 3. Key Signatures i. Complete key signatures with sound! ii. 3 clefs – treble, alto and bass iii. Enharmonic key signatures iv. Scale degree names in Major and minor 4. Triads i. Complete triads in 5th with the sound (both chord & arpeggio) ii. Inversions – root, 1st and 2nd with figured bass iii. Selectable note 5. Scales i. Major, natural, harmonic and melodic minor with the sound (fast/normal tempo) ii. Accidentals and key signatures iii. Slurred iv. Solfège – both fixed & movable do (useful for sight singing) 6. Intervals i. All possible intervals with the sound and musical notations ii. Note name in the letter iii. Harmonic and ascending, descending intervals to hear iv. Intervals table in detail (P1-P8) v. Intervals summary (P1-P24) 7. More i. Key signature matrices – order of sharps & flats and others ii. Formulas with sound - Modes (iPad) - Chords - Scales iii. The Overtone series with sound 7. Key Signature Quiz Memorizing and visualizing the circle is always highly recommended. If you have any issues, please use the app support link. Good luck on your long musical journey and life long learning!


Technical specifications

Version: 13.4.6

Size: 148.79 MB


Price: 6,59 €

Developed by Eun Jae Lee

Day of release: 2013-09-19

Recommended age: 4+

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