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### IMPORTANT: For iOS 6.1.3 or Older Only!! ### - For iOS 7, Please download 'Circle of 5ths 2nd, 3rd or 4th edition' instead. This App ‘Circle of ...

Discontinued App


### IMPORTANT: For iOS 6.1.3 or Older Only!! ### - For iOS 7, Please download 'Circle of 5ths 2nd, 3rd or 4th edition' instead. This App ‘Circle of 5ths Pro’ explores the possibilities of the circle of 5ths. This is an advanced edition that deals with 10 sharps and flats, which are beyond the conventional key signatures. Keys like G#, D# and A# major (sharps 8, 9 and 10), for example, are simply called Ab, Eb, and Bb major as enharmonic spellings of the keys. Theoretically, 8, 9, 10 sharps and flats of a key do exist (though a bit complex in diatonic scales), practically however, enharmonic names are being used for more than 7 sharps and flats. This App will help you to develop a deep understanding of the Circle of 5ths, intervals and other related issues. Features: 1. Includes all the features of a standard ‘Circle of 5ths’ 2. Key signatures up to 10 flats and sharps 3. Six different modes - Major, minor, all keys, blank, flat and sharp 4. Cool new graphics and colors 5. Complete Major & minor key signature with nice piano chord sound 6. Complete table of intervals with sound (up to Major 9th) 7. Diatonic scales (Major, natural, harmonic & melodic minor) with sound and formula 8. A complete set of Major & minor triads with sound and formula 9. Key signature matrices 10. The overtone (harmonic) series with sound ‘Circle of 5ths’ collection series is a comprehensive library for all musicians, composers, music teachers, lecturers, professors, students at all levels and music enthusiasts. It includes various musical components such as key signatures, intervals, scales, triads and so on. They are essential for musicians. The series is designed to help to develop the aural perception as well e.g. relative pitch and perfect/absolute pitch. Just like eyes to see and recognize things or colors, it is important for the musicians to develop their ears to hear musical sounds clearly and be aware of what they are hearing. ‘Circle of 5ths’ series has all the contents that musicians have to know in a simple form. Use them as a handy reference as well as a study and teaching guide and for training of the ear. Learn, develop, maintain your musical knowledge and sharpen your ear with the series. Collect them all!


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