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Civil Engineering Calculations such as Pipe Flow, Channel Flow, Vertical Curve, Tangents, Traverse, Area Calculations, etc. are all made easy with this ...

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Civil Engineering Calculations such as Pipe Flow, Channel Flow, Vertical Curve, Tangents, Traverse, Area Calculations, etc. are all made easy with this easy to use tool. Programmed Specifically to streamline these processes. iPhone/iPod Only. iPad Support is only available in the 'Full' version of this App. Otherwise, all features are available here. If you would like all these features, on the iPhone, and iPad, then please consider the full version of this App. This program was designed to provide Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors with a quick way to calculate or check points on portions of a roadway profile. With limited input it allows you to check grades on a tangent as well as a Vertical Curve. It also allows for the quick calculation of intervals along the vertical curve or tangent; this function returns the elevation every 10 feet along the profile, or every 25, or at any interval the user chooses. Now features the ability to convert angles from DMS to degrees, as well as to calculate angle turned. All angles are in azimuth values. If needed it also allows converting back from degrees into DMS format. Thank you to all those who provided the valuable feedback leading to this update. Also Allows for These angles to be input as an angle turned, and create a traverse. Tabulates the Area, and stores the points in a table. These points can then be e-mailed out from the app. In addition, you can use the GPS functions to retrieve coordinates, in approximating large areas. Also added the ability to calculate flows for both pipes, as well as channels. You can specify the Width, Height, and approximate the free-board. This process makes using Mannings Equation fun, and iPhone Friendly. This tool is great for plan checkers, surveyors, and engineers who perform repetitive vertical curve grade calculations as well as for checking slopes and elevations, and now angles. Great for Civil Engineering Students, and Professionals. Accelerometer Level +Input Slope Percentages from Real World Data Samples Vertical Curve +Calculate Grades at a station +Calculate Grades on a curve Tangents +Calculate end elevation +Calculate distance to achieve elevation +Calculate start elevation +Calculate an elevation at a station Angles +Convert from DMS +Convert to DMS +Calculate a Turning Angle +Calculate X and Y Coordinates on a bearing Area +Store X and Y Coordinates from Angles +Store X and Y Coordinates from GPS +Tabulate Area between all points entered +Calculate Closure of shape +E-Mail a .txt file containing the X & Y Coordinates Mannings Pipe Flow +Calculate Discharge +Calculate Pipe Size +Calculate Wet Perimeter Channel Flow +Calculate Discharge +Approximate Free-Board +Check Rectangular, Trapezoidal, and V-Ditch Sections Please let me know of any other feature requests. I will continue to update this with any ideas that I receive (Website or App Store comments).


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3

Size: 5.43 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Jamoke Innovations LLC

Day of release: 2010-04-22

Recommended age: 4+

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