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Civil Engineering Formulator

CIVIL ENGINEER, part of MultiEducator's iPhone "Formulator" Line, is the perfect tool for any Civil Engineer or engineering student. Our Civil Engineer ...

Discontinued App

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CIVIL ENGINEER, part of MultiEducator's iPhone "Formulator" Line, is the perfect tool for any Civil Engineer or engineering student. Our Civil Engineer app contains 150 important formulas needed by Civil Engineers. . In addition to the current 75 formulas, for Civil Engineering, there are nearly 200 conversion formulas in the program as well as 50 area formulas. Major areas covered in the program now include: Beams, Bridges, Columns, Elevator, Piles, Plates, Roads, Soil and Structural Steel. All formulas can be saved. You can access recent or favorite formulas. You can also e-mail the results of any formula as well as print them. If you do not see a formula you need or like, just e-mail us and we will try to include your request in the next update. BEAM • Beam Loads Single Span Uniforms • Supports Free Vmax • Supports Free Mmax • One Free One Fixed Vmax • One Free One Fixed Mmax • Supports Fixed Vmax • Cantilever Vmax • Cantilever Mmax • Uniform Load Two Spans • Center Fixed Outer Free Vmax • Center Fixed Outer Free Mmax • Two Spans All Free Vmax • 2 Center Fixed Outer Free Dmmax • Uniform Load Tree Spans • 3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax • 3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax • 3 Fixed Vmax • 3 Fixed Dmmax • Uniform Load Four Spans • 4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax • 4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax • 4 Fixed Vmax • 4 Fix Dmmax BRIDGE • Allowable Stress Fasteners • Bridge Horizontal Shear • Horizontal Shear • Suspension Cables Tension at Mid-Span • Tension at Supports • Length of Cable • Columns • Critical Buckling Load • Radius Gyrations • Slenderness Ratio • Maximum Stress Short Columns Different Materials • Elevator Rope Weight • Load From Weight • Rate of Acceleration of Car • Rope Load Caused by Acceleration • Bending Load • Allowable Load on Piles • Drop Hammer • Steam Hammer • Pile Length • Tip Load • Group Efficiency of Piles • Maximum Group Drag • Plates • Square Plate Stress • Square Plate Max • Rigid Square Plate Stress • Rigid Square Plate Max • Flexible Circular Plate Stress • Flexible Circular Max • Rigid Circular Plate Strss • Rigid Circular Max • Flexible Rectangle Stress • Flexible Rectangle Max • Rigid Rectangle Stress • Rigid Rectangle Max ROADS • Structural Number • Spiral Curve Minimal • Culvert Seam Strength • Handling Strength • Circular Curves • Radius of Curves • Length of Curve • Central Angle • Tangent Offset • Chord Offset • Parabolic Curves • Rate of Changes • Elevation of PVC • Distance From PVC SOIL • Porosity • Plasticity • Liquidity • Shrinkage • Cavity • Structural Steel • Maximum Bending Moment • Vertical Shear • Horizontal Shear • Bending Moment Load


Technical specifications

Version: 3.2

Size: 58.12 MB


Price: 4,80 €

Developed by Multieducator Inc

Day of release: 2009-10-15

Recommended age: 4+

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