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This app is run only on iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone4s. "3D fairy tale world that unfolds at the fingertips!" New concept fairy tale application that integrates ...

Discontinued App


This app is run only on iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone4s. "3D fairy tale world that unfolds at the fingertips!" New concept fairy tale application that integrates character fairy tale + education ★ 'Clabbi', the grand prize winning character at the third I Love Character award is launched as a fairy tale app! ★ Selected as the 2011 smart content support business by Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA)! ★ Limited time free event, commemorating the launch of the original 3D digital interactive multi-dimensional fairy tale "Clabbi book"! With diverse interactions in a 3D fairy tale world that rotates 360 degrees, children's creativity is increased and cognitive development is enhanced. Do not miss this free event opportunity, try it out! - main concept - 1. 'Reality' is added to the world in a fairy tale! -> When the digital book is dragged, characters in motion and stages in a fairy tale rotate 360 degrees and one can freely look at the front and rear, as well as both sides. 2. 'Diverse interaction' in harmony with the story -> Instead of simply reading texts, diverse interactions hidden in the screen can be experienced, and fun and enjoyable fairy tale reading can be done. 3. Fantastic harmony of 'fairy tale + playing'! -> Do you have to limit yourself to reading fairy tales because it is a fairy tale app? Enjoy puzzles, Find the different picture, and musical instrument playing! Read fairy tales, enjoy games and get game updates, killing three birds with one stone! - Usage method - ★ With simple and convenient composition, even children can use it easily. ★ Look at introduction pages of six characters that move in a cute manner. ★ Fairy tales are available in two languages of Korean/English. ★ This is a pure, original fairy tale that has been designed as an interactive digital book from its planning stages. ★ Easily move with navigation buttons and bottom thumbnails. ★ Stages and characters will move 360 degrees if you drag the screen. Zooming in/out is also possible. ★ Search for the 'key' inside the fairy tale. You can open the doors for three games. ★ 'Puzzle, Find the different picture, Playing musical instrument' are contained in the Clabbi book. ★ Game contents are updated regularly. Don't forget it! - "Clabbi book" Vol. 1 introduction - ★ mini concert Education, enjoyment and emotional aspects are immersed in a story that begins from a small episode. In particular, you can carefully look at the features of musical instruments and listen to their sounds in Clabbibook Vol. 1. Vol. 2 and 3 are under production, so we ask for your continuous interest! - Visit Clabbi blog or cafe and leave any questions, reviews and opinions -


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 170.22 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by CAITORY Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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