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ClaroLingo Phrasebook and Translator

ClaroLingo is a complete speaking interpreter and translation solution, including 22 of the famous Collins Phrasebooks - All in one App! ClaroLingo only ...

Discontinued App

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ClaroLingo is a complete speaking interpreter and translation solution, including 22 of the famous Collins Phrasebooks - All in one App! ClaroLingo only £2.99, for a limited time launch offer! ClaroLingo is a great app for teachers, frequent travellers, business travellers, hotel receptionists, customer assistance staff, recruitment, medical support staff and more. With ClaroLingo you can select from thousands of existing words and phrases in your first language and see the perfect translation in your chosen language. You can also have any new phrase translated over the Internet. Add new phrases into your own My Phrases folder. Setup ClaroLingo with your language (from a choice of 25), and choose one of the 22 target phrasebook languages. Then ClaroLingo can be your interpreter, translator and speaker. - Flip the iPad or iPhone to show the phrase in full screen magnified mode. - Press the speak button and hear the phrase in the target languages of English (American and British), French, Spanish (Mexican) or German. More voice languages can be downloaded through In-App purchasing. ClaroLingo uses the high quality digital human-sounding voices from Nuance. - The Collins Phrasebooks in ClaroLingo require no Internet connection. - ClaroLingo also connects to the world-class Microsoft online translation service, allowing instant translations of any word or phrase when you have an Internet connection. ClaroLingo is preloaded with 500 translation credits, and more can be obtained through low cost In-App purchase when required. A List of Collins Phrasebook languages included in ClaroLingo is below: 1. Arabic 2. Chinese 3. Czech 4. Danish 5. Dutch 6. English (UK) 7. English (USA) 8. Finnish 9. French 10. German 11. Greek 12. Italian 13. Korean 14. Norwegian 15. Polish 16. Portuguese (Brazil) 17. Portuguese (Portugal) 18. Russian 19. Spanish (Mexico) 20. Spanish (Spain) 21. Swedish 22. Thai 23. Turkish All the phrasebooks are "cross lingual" so in effect offering over 500 language pair combinations to be selected upon setup. Additional Phrasebook pairs included are Japanese TO all languages above, and Vietnamese TO all languages above. - Nuance human-sounding voices for all the Phrasebook languages listed above can be downloaded via In-App purchase, with the exception of Japanese and Vietnamese voices. English (American and British), French, Spanish (Mexican) and German voices are included within the ClaroLingo app, selected in Settings. See more images and videos at www.claro-apps.com


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Version: 1.0.5

Size: 110.41 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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