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A quiz game for teachers and students. Make quiz sheets with up to 42 questions. Each question can have an image, sound and point value. There are two ...

Discontinued App


A quiz game for teachers and students. Make quiz sheets with up to 42 questions. Each question can have an image, sound and point value. There are two play modes: "Tower Game" and "Quiz Game." Both modes can be played on a TV, with the whole class split into teams. When playing either mode on an external display (Display connectors are purchasable separately through Apple), this application acts as a remote control. The presenter or teacher controls what is seen on the TV. The presenter always sees each question, answer and image, but can control when each are seen on the TV. The "Quiz Game" mode is also playable without a TV (*Note that the "Tower Game" mode is not). When the application does not detect an attached TV, the game uses the built-in display instead. This mode is best for a class with very few students, since the presenter will show or hide each element on the device itself. In this stand-alone mode, the image can be tapped to fill the screen, and question and answer text can be pinched to increase or decrease font size for best visibility. For both play modes there are options to alter the game-play rules, and the scoring system is flexible enough to allow for multiple game flows, as needed by the presenter or teacher. For more specific detail on how this application was made to be used in a classroom, please visit the Class Quiz Game support page (link below) and click "How to Play." Making quizzes is also made easy with an intuitive interface and multiple ways to load images. In addition, quiz sheets you make can be shared with others in four ways: 1) Submit to the "Sensei Apps" website for all to see and download. 2) Submit to the "Sensei Apps" website using a password. This makes accessing your quiz sheet again easy for your friends or yourself if you happen to accidentally delete it. 3) Send directly to a friend's iPod, iPhone or iPad through email. 4) Export the quiz sheet to the App's shared documents for you to share or backup manually. -- Other noteworthy technical features and details: - Retina display support (iPhone/iPod only. New iPad retina display not fully supported). - Landscape device rotation support. - Support for 4:3 aspect TVs, widescreen aspect TVs, and high-definition TVs or projectors through Apple's display-out cables. - Data compression when sending/receiving Quiz Sheets. - Take photos from within the App itself. Copies are saved to your photo roll. - This App shares files through iTunes. Place images, sounds, or Quiz Sheets directly into the App's documents and you can use them in the App (*Note that at the moment, this is the only way to add sound to your quiz sheets). - Quiz Sheets that you "export" are also accessible through iTunes App File Sharing, in .quizsheet format. - Know HTML? You can use it when making quiz sheets to enhance each question/answer. - Japanese and English support. -- A final word of caution: This app does not support a buzzer-like system of any kind. When playing with a class, it is up to the teacher to determine which team is currently answering a question (most likely by asking students to raise their hand when they know the answer, especially in "Quiz Game" mode)


Technical specifications

Version: 1.36

Size: 18.16 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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