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Classic Prenatal Music Free

***** Free! Free!! Free!!! This application uses a lot of masters` classical music, such as Mozart`s lullaby, Toy soldiers` symphony ...

Discontinued App


***** Free! Free!! Free!!! This application uses a lot of masters’ classical music, such as Mozart’s lullaby, Toy soldiers’ symphony and Bach’s flute sonatina. These music not only can help babies develop their feeling of music and make their happy, but also can help babies have a integrated development. ***** 1. This application can help gravid enjoy many famous music every day. During this time, you can think about your baby and image you are living in a beautiful place which has lake, tree, and flowers. This can help you baby has a good antenatal training. 2. The melodious and brisk melody not only can help you relaxed during your pregnancy period, but also can help fetus have same feelings as you. These can help baby has a good mood and grow healthily. 3. The elegant music can help your baby feels the beauty of music and has interested in it before it births. The foundation of music will help the baby develops her/his intelligence and has appreciation ability. 4. The elegant music can help your baby feel happy which will help the nervous system has a good development and regulating the flow. These benefits can help baby has a good development of memory, understanding and image. -=[ Features ]=- > Support play & pause, next track & previous track. > Support adjust the play progress and volume. > Support single and sequential order, random loop. > Audio can be played in the background, even in standby mode, making a significant saving on battery life. > Support automatically continue playing after answering the phone. > The system playback control buttons can be used to control audio playback. > Support manual sorting music playback order.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 64.43 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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