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Classroom KinderBach: School Version

★ Winner of GOLDEN APP AWARD by Apps for Homeschooling.com ★ Rated 86/100 by AppoLearning.com ★ Top 10 Music Education App for Children - Smart Apps for ...

Discontinued App


★ Winner of GOLDEN APP AWARD by Apps for Homeschooling.com ★ Rated 86/100 by AppoLearning.com ★ Top 10 Music Education App for Children - Smart Apps for Kids ★ “my kids love it!” 5/5 Score - Apps for Homeschooling.com KINDERBACH: SIMPLY LEARN PIANO Classroom KinderBach: School Version presents the video teachings of Karri Gregor, Professional Musician and Artist with decades of teaching experience and thousands of students, ready for usage in your classroom! KinderBach is a unique method of teaching very young children to actually PLAY PIANO, read NOTES, learn INTERVALS, RHYTHM, & music PATTERNS. Developed with children ages 3 - 7 in mind, your child will play songs and read music along with Karri Gregor and the characters of KinderBach. PLEASE NOTE: THIS VERSION IS INTENDED FOR TEACHERS AND OTHER INDIVIDUALS WHO WISH TO APPLY EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNTS OR BULK PURCHASING TO THEIR ORDER. KINDERBACH: PIANO LESSONS MADE FUN AND EASY •The most fun and engaging piano and music app on the App Store •Improves all forms of musical skills including the Piano itself. •No subscription required. •Hours of content for children of all ages over 3 levels, each containing 10 lessons. •Dozens of video lessons allow your children to work directly with Karri Gregor to learn concepts and skills. •Keyboard included in the app for use during video lessons. •Six Mini-Games are included in this purchase to learn more advanced concepts. Each Lesson gives users 5 entertaining videos which teach core musical concepts regarding the Piano. Students either play along at home on their own piano, or use the keyboard included in the app underneath the lesson videos. In addition there are printable pages for most lessons, a tactile reinforcement of the concepts being taught. Each Mini-Game goes further to teach specific concepts such as key lettering and positioning, pattern and rhythm recognition, timing, and other topics in a fun and interactive manner. See the preview video and get more information at: http://www.kinderbach.com/shopping/shop_App.html WHAT MAKES KINDERBACH UNIQUE? •Unlike other music and piano applications, KinderBach features the full lessons you would receive through KinderBach's in-home or by mail services and Piano lessons. •Beautiful Artwork and high-quality music make KinderBach one of the most loveable and child friendly learning experiences on the App Store. •6 Mini-Games in total are available to be unlocked as you progress through the lessons, covering core concepts in a fun and interactive manner for players of all ages and abilities. •30 Lessons comprised of 5 videos a piece give the user hundreds of hours of musical and piano lessons that are sure to build on and improve their skillset. REVIEWS FOR KINDERBACH: ★ "We really like how the music and activities in the app can be easily repeated at home and in the classroom." -KinderTown.com ★ "We find that the program is so fun and easy to implement that we believe any parent, with or without music background, would be able to teach the program confidently at home." -TheiMum.com ★ "The program is just a joy and never seems tedious. I had my little sister out for a visit this week, and all the kids here from ages 4 – 10 were all waiting for turns to use the app." -AppsforHomeschooling.com FEATURES AND PRIVACY DISCLOSURES •This is a universal app that will work on all devices with 1 purchase. •This app does NOT REPORT ANY USER DATA. All performance and personal data is stored on your device. •This app does NOT feature in-app purchases, all lessons are unlocked at purchase. •This app does NOT contain any advertising. •This app DOES contain an external link back to KinderBach's Website as well as to other age appropriate games. Zephyr Games is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 123 MB


Price: 9,51 €

Developed by Zephyr Games

Day of release: 2012-06-21

Recommended age: 4+

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