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Vault is the easiest to use, document rights management application which supports sign in with your Google, Facebook, Dropbox or Box ID. Share read-only ...

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Vault is the easiest to use, document rights management application which supports sign in with your Google, Facebook, Dropbox or Box ID. Share read-only access to your confidential work files immediately. If your team likes it, it is easy for your organization to enable its staff to sign on to Cloak Apps using their Windows Active Directory accounts, through our Cloak Gateway. Our product is based on advanced public key encryption service that removes the need to share file passwords or encryption keys. Moreover, it works across major platforms: Windows, MacOS X, Android and iOS devices. Access your protected files anywhere, anytime! Security features include: 1. Digital rights management. Share office, pdf and images with read-only access to specific recipients. Documents and folders can be shared to individual users or hierarchical user groups, with fine-grained access rights. 2. Client-end encryption. Vault uses public key encryption. The data is never encrypted or unencrypted solely in the cloud; it is always done on the user's device. 3. Mobile endpoint control. Since each device is tied to a unique key, stolen device's file access can be easily revoked. 4. End-to-end document protection. Documents are protected throughout their life cycle, when they are at rest, in-transit or in-use. 5. Version control. Automatic versioning with options including locking, deletion and adding descriptions for individual version items. 6. Transfer of large files (over 1GB) is supported by splitting the data into smaller segments, which are independently encrypted. This allows recovery from network interruptions and automatic resumption of incomplete uploads and downloads. 7. Audit trails. Track your team’s usage using event logs, and know who read which documents at what time. This freemium product is free to download and is not plagued by advertisements. Advanced security specifications: 1. Encryption: a. Client-end encryption b. Client-end key generation c. Unique cryptographic key for each user and device d. AES encryption (256 bit) e. RSA encryption (2048 bit) f. Multiple encryption layers 2. Single Sign-On (Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Box) 3. Enterprise Single Sign-On (Active Directory through *Cloak Gateway) 4. Multi-Factor Authentication (with *Cloak Gateway) 5. Key Management Tools for: a. Lost certificate recovery b. Endpoint migration c. User revocation d. Device revocation e. Document license syncing f. Document migration 6. Rights Management a. Fine-grained document access control b. Read, edit, download, lock and delete sharing rights c. Sharing by users d. Sharing by hierarchical user groups (circle) e. Sharing of folders 7. Audit/Tracking a. Audit trace for document usage, user activities and administration tasks 8. Version Control a. Document version and format control b. Lock feature to prevent accidental deletion * Cloak Gateway is a paid service. Kindly contact us for a quotation.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.1.1

Size: 7.35 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Cloak Pte. Ltd.

Day of release: 2013-09-13

Recommended age: 4+

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