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Maybe you come across this kind of situation when children took the pieces as food into their mouth, threw the toys and clothes everywhere, ruined the ...

Discontinued App


Maybe you come across this kind of situation when children took the pieces as food into their mouth, threw the toys and clothes everywhere, ruined the new toys just bought, even dropped a pin randomly? Sometimes you may feel that the kids are lovely, in fact, it was dangerous for children. The reason why children did this is they did not completely understand the properties of these items or functions. Our program is able to tell your children that these things are different. So let your baby know everything as early as possible! propertyMaking a distinction is one of the important methods for children to understand things. Therefore, we have especially created an App game for children to know things from the perspective of property A lovely kitty brings a lot of things here, but she is not able to classify them. Kids, can you sort them out correctly according to their properties? In the scene of this game, the kitty has abundant facial expressions and gestures. 2-5 years-old children have been able to classify objects according to their imagination, and this app can help children understand the materials properties, such as: colors, patterns or functions. The task to put things in order can not only improve the hands-on ability of children, but also can increase children's sense of accomplishment and the desire for knowledge. We carefully designed a total of 20 checkpoints for children, from easy to difficult, each has two types that can be contrasted with each other, for example:"The fruits VS The vegetables","The pests VS The helpful insects","The musical instruments VS The sports goods","The animals VS The plants","The tools VS The kitchenware","The meats VS The wheat foods"and so on. Furthermore, this app also helps kids learn language. Before the start of each level there are operating instructions by words and voices; clicking on the items the item text will be displayed and items pronunciation will be played. There are 40 types, hundreds of items which allow children to accumulate a wealth of everyday vocabulary. In this game, there are: √ up to 20 stages to cultivate your babies’ cognitive abilities step by step; √ up to 40 finely-selected and representative categories; √ up to 100 items √ a full range of articles, including foods, toys, daily essentials, domestic appliances, vehicles, etc.; √ voices all the way conducive to your babies’ language learning; √ pet cats with the interactive abilities;


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 20.65 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Jian Yuan Century

Day of release: 2011-08-31

Recommended age: 4+

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