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Now FREE! We want as many people as possible to experience this great app. Tell your friends. Understanding your net worth over time has never been ...

Discontinued App


Now FREE! We want as many people as possible to experience this great app. Tell your friends. Understanding your net worth over time has never been easier, more beautiful or fun. Have you ever wondered if you are getting wealthier or poorer? Have you wanted to track your assets and liabilities over time without using a complicated accounting package which forces you to enter every in-flow of money and out-flow of spending? Have you ever wanted to do this graphically rather than as a long series of ugly text entries? If the answer to these questions is yes then Clever Net Worth is for you. BENEFITS: - Track your Net Worth (Assets - Liabilities) over time - Enter a new set of balances whenever and however often you desire (now with an integrated web browser to copy the balances without leaving the app) - Track the balances of as many asset accounts and liability accounts as desired - Create and manage as many sets of accounts as you wish (e.g. one for yourself and another for your business or even your kids pocket money) - Choose your own currency symbol for each Set of Accounts (e.g. $, £, ¥, € or even Lek). Please note: automatic currency conversions are not supported. - Set a password against each of your own Set of Accounts. Protects your private financial data from prying eyes. - Duplicate your current Set of Accounts or start a new one from scratch. - Do everything via an intuitive graphical interface. - Choose a colour palette for use in the charts to suit your own taste. - Customise the charts to look the way you like: horizontal or vertical bars, scaled or non-scaled and more. - Forecast your Net Worth at some time in the future or past based on your current progress. - Filter the accounts or balance dates shown and included in calculations. - Export the balances and accounts from the current Set of Accounts to a CSV file for use outside the app. - Import an appropriately formatted CSV file of balances to create a new Net Worth History. - Comes preloaded with sample data so you can learn by playing. - Extensive built in help and web based tutorials to ensure you get the most out of the app. - All your data is stored locally on your iPad and synced to your iTunes on your desktop. Nothing is sent across the Internet or stored externally. Your private data is kept private! - Built in web browser allows you to interrogate your bank balances etc without leaving this app. This is why the app has the mature rating - we cannot control what people access through the browser. NOTE: this app is for iPad devices. The graphical nature of this app takes full advantage of the larger screen. Supports all available iPad models at their full resolution. ------ CONTACT US via the support web site if you have suggestions for improvements (http://www.cleverinfo.co). We are always eager to hear from you and receive your app reviews. Even better, contribute to the ongoing discussion on our blog ------- ••- Important Note ••• If you are having problems with the app, please contact us via the support site. We want to help but cannot respond to issues left in the review section. ~ CleverInfo - Where clever thinking meets the power of information.


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Version: 4.4

Size: 15.88 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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