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Now you can go paperless with your iPad and replace your old paper files with digital ones. Client File is an all-in-one app for lawyers and other business ...

Discontinued App


Now you can go paperless with your iPad and replace your old paper files with digital ones. Client File is an all-in-one app for lawyers and other business users to organize and carry their client's files with them wherever they go. It organizes your client contact information, notes and documents. Features: Email the contents of your file from the app; calendar events are synced to the iPad iCal or your other calendar; PDF & photo annotations; audio and video players all in one. Anything you did with your paper files you can do all with Client File - and more. *** You must have a Dropbox account to sync files to Client File on your iPad. You can sign up for a free 2GB account at www.dropbox.com *** Think of Client File as your briefcase and Dropbox as your file cabinet. You simply load up your iPad with the files you need by syncing wirelessly from Dropbox to your Client File. The contents are still in Dropbox so you can share and collaborate with others. Your assistant can add documents to your files from the office and they're automatically synced to your iPad as long as you're connected to the internet. No connection? No problem. You can still work with the contents of your file on your iPad and sync the changes when you're connected again. WIRELESS TRANSFER When you sync your files to Client File, they are stored on you iPad's memory so they’re always accessible. Documents open instantly, audio files and videos play without buffering. * Automatic two-way sync: Your office can add a documents through Dropbox - great for last-minute updates and revisions. ORGANIZATION Client File has an incredibly friendly and familiar user interface * Create multiple custom tabs within Client File to organize documents - by type, witness or topic. Mix and match media types to fit your needs. * Client File creates a folder system in Dropbox for easy organization. Add items to the folder in Dropbox and it syncs to the file and tab in Client File. PDF FILES * PDF reader and annotations - hand written notes, text "sticky" notes, highlighter * Bookmarks to jump to a particular section * Search the entire document for any word * E-mail and print to any supported printer * Annotations can be viewed by standard PDF viewers when you share your documents by email or through Dropbox CREATE EXHIBITS * You can create a duplicate of any document or image. That new copy can be marked by a witness and the annotations they made merged onto the copy for use as a court exhibit. * Create a "working" & a "clean" copy of documents within your files USE FOR FORMS * With the handwriting tool, you can fill out your own PDF forms or checklists, then save them as a part of your client's file. Instantly email a copy of that form to your client with the notes you've made for their records. * Examples: Intake and order forms, estimates, sketches of ideas discussed, contracts, etc. NOTES * Simple text-based notes contained within the app for notes, to-do lists, expenses, etc. * Custom titles, notes automatically dated. * View those notes back at the office through Dropbox on any computer or mobile device. * Email and print notes CALENDAR * Add upcoming events to your Client File in the "Events" tab and they're automatically synced to your iPad's calendar * Next upcoming event date appears on the file folder on Client File's home screen AUDIO & VIDEO PLAYERS Add audio and video files to any tab. From within the app, just tap and play your audio and video files with the built-in players. Any supported media can be played from within the app PRESENTATION By connecting to an external display through the docking connector (requires Apple cable), you can show anything from your Client File. Others can watch as annotations and drawings are done real-time or use the built-in laser pointer. Contact us with any questions : support@clientfile.com Visit the website for more information and demo videos - www.clientfile.com


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Version: 1.5.0

Size: 15.05 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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