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Manage Your Clients on your IPhone or iPad without the need for a server or monthly fee. Uses the contact and calendar apps so there is no need to renter ...

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Manage Your Clients on your IPhone or iPad without the need for a server or monthly fee. Uses the contact and calendar apps so there is no need to renter your clients or schedules. Designed for service oriented independent businesses that need to record sales and services Personal Care Businesses including: Salons, Spas, Hair, Nails, Personal Training, Pet Grooming Service Field Businesses including: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, painting, building maintenance, Pest Control, Home Security, Handyman, Appliance Repair, IT Support. Key Client Man Modules: Client - Uses Contact app for all basic information like phone, email, etc. Additional information defined by you is stored in ClientMan app. Service - Each service is Setup with a category, pricing, tax and additional info. Pricing may be tied to client category. Product - Inventory of all products available for sale with a cost, vendor,multiple selling prices and tax code. Maintain an on-hand quality and can utilize a purchasing program to receive products. Ability to import product information from vendors websites. Supplies - Supplies are disposal product not directly billed that are used in the delivery of services. These may be optionally selected and added to a visit or service call and contain cost factors. Info - Many types of client background information may be captured and maintain in user defined folders. For example personal service providers may keep medical history and background. Property maintenance providers may store details about mechanical equipment, building specs and other details. History - A complete history of each visit or service call is automatically maintained and available for review instantly with or without a network connection. All of the history information is stored on you iPhone or iPad device. Report and Downloads - All of your client, history, inventory and services information is available both on your device or to download via email or through web services for analysis on your PC iCloud - ClientMan offers full iCloud support and with wireless or network connections backing up to the iCloud as transaction are entered. Information is instantly available on all devices using unique iCloud account Training Account - A training account is included with sample data so that you can see how the app works and try things out without impacting your live data. Industry Pacs - Available for selected industries to get you off to a fast start with "typical" service, supply and product data


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Version: 6.1.3

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