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Climate Mobile ("CliMate") puts the latest worldwide climate information at your fingertips and offers an amazing new tool -- the Personal Climate Analyzer ...

Discontinued App


Climate Mobile ("CliMate") puts the latest worldwide climate information at your fingertips and offers an amazing new tool -- the Personal Climate Analyzer -- that lets you perform in-depth analysis of climate trends instantly and effortlessly. With CliMate you hold in your hand the latest data from international satellites and surface instruments, along with global temperature records from NASA and NOAA going back more than 130 years. The Climate Analyzer lets you answer quickly and surely such questions as: Is the earth still warming? Do surface and satellite measurements agree? Did we just conclude the hottest year on record? Just what DID happen to the climate in the 20th century? With the Climate Analyzer you can visually explore and compare four global temperature datasets at once, with continuously variable smoothing windows ranging from 1 month to 15 years. Examine intervals from 1880 to the present. Watch the features of climate change evolve before your eyes as you tune the smoother and separate transient effects from long-term trends. Test the claims and counterclaims of experts and amateurs alike. Join the movement of informed citizen-scientists. Instantly call up the latest satellite data, watch the day-to-day changes in the Arctic ice cover, track the inexorably rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, monitor the sun's activity, from the instantaneous geomagnetic index to the daily sunspot number to the steady month-by-month changes as we build towards the next "solar maximum." While you're at it, check the weather forecast in your locale. Make a research breakthrough? Save your results to a file, send them to a URL, email them instantly around the world with a single tap. Send your results to us at Climate Mobile and we may publish them on CliMate for thousands to see. Want to learn more about climate change? CliMate gives you access to colorful tutorials on diverse topics and offers a variety of sample studies performed with the Climate Analyzer. Judge for yourself whether Arctic Ice is disappearing, or CO2 growth is accelerating, or the earth is cooling, or satellite and surface measurements are telling a different story. Everyone talks about climate change. Take action. Arm yourself for the climate wars with facts in your hands. Our credo: "Don't do nothing!"


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.0

Size: 22.35 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by GeoOptics Inc.

Day of release: 2010-08-31

Recommended age: 4+

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