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iChild World, a World for smart kids and parents. Suffering from teaching children because they refuse to study? Children dislike reading books but they ...

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iChild World, a World for smart kids and parents. Suffering from teaching children because they refuse to study? Children dislike reading books but they loved playing computers and iPad? Is your children studying very hard but still scoring very bad in examination? Your son tends to forget what he had just learnt right after entering exam hall? Have you ever wonder if they had applied wrongful study methods that made them feel boring and not interested in study? I want my kids to learn both English and Mandarin which are important as international language, but I do not have much time teaching them by myself. My friend, Cindy says she is not good in pronunciation and she just does not have confident teaching her children. When talked about education, we as parents faced many issues. Good news! No matter what parental problem you are facing, we found you best solution developing children interest in learning. -------------------------------- Flash Card teaching method Since 19 century, paper flashcards have been used. American educator, Favell Lee introduced flash card learning with a set of phonics flashcards. Later, German scientist named Sebastian Leitner discovered that flashcards were amazing tools for learning. Based on the way the human memory works, he created Leitner Flashcard learning system that can benefit students. It was tested to be effective, and was then accepted by many educators. Now, as technology is widely used, we had made it even better with colorful pictures and live human pronunciation! --------------------------------- How To Select An Attention-Grabbing Child Book For Your Children? 1.Challenges your kids with realistic yet demanding goals. 2.Get children oriented education book that helps develop children interest in learning. 3.Make education enjoyable and interesting for children. 4.Children loved technology; teach children using flash card is proven as the best way to learn. Why Clothing Fashion Can Help? 1.Learning of different clothing fashions that you can find for every ethnic group. 2.Learning in fun with colorful and wonderful illustrated pictures. 3.Touch / tap to change next object. 4.Professional human reading for picture. 5.Universal support for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 6.Bi-lingual: English and Mandarin. You can switch to desire language and start learning another foreign language. 7.Totally new learning experience to match with new technology era. 8.Flash card learning is proven and it applied to all international famous pre-school and tuition centers. 9.User friendly, ideal for child aged 1 to 6. 10.Friendly customer support with prompt response. 11.Continuous development for greater interactive books. Simply grab one of the books and begin pre-school learning with your smart kid. That’s it! ----- Compatibility Notes ----- Best compatible with iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, New iPad, iPad2, iPad, iPod Touch and of course the brand new iPhone 5S. For help, contact us at support@ichildworld.com --------------------------------- Review from customer: “Awesome!!! It is value for money. My 4 yrs-old daughter was having so much fun learning. She loved studying with it so much that she even shared it with her 2 year-old cousin.” Janice “I loved this app so much that my kids can now learn both English and Mandarin with it. It is fantastic!” Kristina, mother of two. About us: iChild World is ranked as #1 child education book application for iPhone and iPad. As parents we do faced same problems and struggles in teaching our children just like you. Until, we tested by ourselves using flash cards. Now, we are sharing this proven technology to parents that concern on their child education; helping to develop their children’s interest in learning.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.7

Size: 4.93 MB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by Kai Shien Cheong

Day of release: 2011-09-1

Recommended age: 4+

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