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Cloud Scope for RightScale

Access to RightScale "on the go"! Introducing "Cloud Scope for RightScale", a companion app to the leading cloud management platform; it's designed to ...

Discontinued App


Access to RightScale "on the go"! Introducing "Cloud Scope for RightScale", a companion app to the leading cloud management platform; it's designed to complement RightScale's web interface by adding value through remote access to information and tasks that are useful while on the go. âœâ€ IT GIVES YOU MOBILE VISIBILITY The easy to navigate interface provides a wealth of information frequently needed by RightScale users and is now available on the go, at your fingertips. View the status of your deployments and all your servers on one tab, drill down to the details, view and analyze graph data for your critical resources*, and much more. âœâ€ IT IMPROVES YOUR ABILITY TO RESPOND Respond to critical situations; launch servers for added capacity, stop servers that are causing trouble and even execute scripts to change or manage server resources. âœâ€ IT SAVES YOU TIME There is no need to pull out your laptop while traveling between office and home or anywhere else that you have a data connection; analyzing critical situations is easy and can be done quickly right from your iPhone. * Available with Cloud Management Subscription FEATURES Cloud Visibility - Included + Server status Heads Up Display (HUD) + View deployments tab + View deployment details + View global deployment status with server HUD + Drill down to deployment details + Global server tab organized by status + View detailed information about servers + Monitors events with auto refresh + Monitors transitioning servers + Supports multiple RightScale accounts + Auto configures accounts based on user + Auto configures RSS information based on user + Supports portrait and landscape orientations + Scales to iPad resolution + iOS 6 Ready + iPhone 5 support for full screen Cloud Management - Available with Subscription Purchase + Launch servers + Terminate servers + Re-launch servers + Rename servers + Launch all servers in deployments + Terminate all servers in deployments + Rename deployments + Execute scripts + Plot and save over 30 different types of graphs Currently Supported Graphs in Management Subscription + Plot and save more than 30 types of graphs + Watch Tab for most important static graphs + Ability to add, delete Watch graphs + Each graph gives AVERAGE values over sample periods + CPU: user, system, idle, wait, interrupt, nice, softirq, steal + DF: df-dev-shm, df-mnt, df-root + Disk: disk_merged, disk-octets, disk_ops, disk_time + Interface: if_errors, if_octets, if_packets + Load + Memory: buffered, cached, free, used + Processes: fork_rate, ps_state-blocked, ps_state-paging, ps_state-running, ps_state-sleeping, ps_state-stopped, ps_state-zombies + Swap:swap, swap_io + Users Enterprise Visibility - Available with Subscription Purchase (only functional with a RightScale account supporting Scalable Arrays) + View server array status + View array instance status HUD + View array alert parameters + View array instance state + View array schedules In order to use this application you need both RightScale and Amazon AWS accounts - Get started at http://www.rightscale.com and http://aws.amazon.com. Note, due to limitations of RightScale's API, we currently only support EC2 instances. RackSpace and other instance types are not accessible at this time. These will be added as RightScale expands their API to allow access to them. Un-tether yourself from your laptop; get access to the information you need when you need it. Download this app today!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.01.010

Size: 3.24 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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