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* * In collaboration with NASA / Featured by The Guardian, BBC, VICE, TUAW ... * * * * Discover the amazing and unexpected world of clouds with CloudSpotter, ...

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* * In collaboration with NASA / Featured by The Guardian, BBC, VICE, TUAW ... * * * * Discover the amazing and unexpected world of clouds with CloudSpotter, your virtual guide to the wonders of the sky. Become a CloudSpotter, unlock Stars and Achievements as you join the global community and compete with other CloudSpotters around the globe. * * * * Note on the 1.0.2 update: If you've experienced issues, please delete and reinstall, rather than update, the app. From the fluffy Cumulus that form on a sunny day, to the rare Noctilucent clouds that shine from the fringes of space, the fleeting beauty and endless variety of clouds have have always fascinated scientists and daydreamers alike. Fall in love again with this sense of wonder and dreaminess with CloudSpotter, created by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, bestselling author (The Cloudspotter’s Guide, The Cloud Collector’s Handbook), winner of the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books and founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society. Introducing 40 uniquely different cloud species and light phenomena with hundreds of spectacular photographs and extensive descriptions, CloudSpotter enables you to easily identify and spot them in the sky. Even better yet, CloudSpotter turns cloudspotting into a unique reality-based virtual game by challenging you to earn Stars, obtain Achievement Badges and compete against other CloudSpotters around the world as you build your collection. A perfect sky-gazing companion for long walks, cross-country road trips or train rides, and above the clouds from the window seat of a plane, where you might even spot the elusive Glory optical effect; a beautiful halo of rainbow colors around your shadow. * * * * By using CloudSpotter, you will help NASA scientists better understand and model climate change! We are excited that NASA will use the data gathered by CloudSpotters around the globe to calibrate their CERES cloud-observing satellite instruments. The geo-tagged and verified cloud observations photographed by you and other CloudSpotters around the world will actively help research the crucial role that clouds play in global climate change. * * * * FEATURES - The CLOUD LIBRARY features 40 unique cloud formations and optical effects, from the common Rainbow to the rare and beautiful Asperatus cloud, with hundreds of stunning photographs and Gavin's extensive and entertaining explanatory notes from the Cloud Collector's Handbook. - Use CloudSpotter to identify and photograph the clouds and light effects you spot in the sky, and our special team of cloud experts will confirm whether you have got them right! - Not sure about the kind of cloud or optical effect? The unique CLOUD IDENTIFIER makes figuring out what exactly you are spotting a breeze! Just answer a few simple questions, and CloudSpotter will tell you what cloud type or light effect you are most likely looking at. - Start your CLOUD COLLECTION and win STARS for each cloud type you spot. The rarer the cloud, the more Stars you earn! Complete special challenges to earn 20 beautiful, hand-drawn CloudSpotter ACHIEVEMENT BADGES. - Collect all 40 cloud formations and complete your CloudSpotter collection with 114 Stars to clear the legendary TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES Achievement. Who will be the first person in the world to perform this extraordinary feat? - Compete against your friends and CloudSpotters around the globe: See how well you fare against the growing worldwide community of cloud lovers on the app’s RANKINGS. - Browse the CLOUDSTREAM, a live feed of weird and wonderful cloud photographs by other CloudSpotters worldwide. Every day, we select our favorite photo and feature it at the top. If one of your photographs is selected, it will earn you the special "Photo of the Day" Achievement Badge. Not an easy get! * * * * Read more about CloudSpotter and preview our introduction video "The World of Clouds" on CloudSpotterApp.com. Read the FAQ for helpful tips and upcoming features!


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