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Coach Pro lets you stay connected to your clients wherever you go. As a Business, Leadership or Life Coach, you can quickly access all the information ...

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Coach Pro lets you stay connected to your clients wherever you go. As a Business, Leadership or Life Coach, you can quickly access all the information you need in one easy place. You can record session notes (using voice dictation or keyboard), while they are still fresh in your mind. You can track goals, actions and successes, manage your appointment calendar, billing information, and coaching questions – all at a glance. Coach Pro was designed by coaches, for coaches. Do you ever lose time rummaging through client file or keeping track of your billing records? Do you find yourself searching for contact information or session records? Coach Pro puts it all in one place – at your fingertips. “It's like having a camera to take pictures of where you are with your client and a photo album to look at the journey.” - David Gibson, Leadership Coach and Coach Pro developer. Key Features *** WATCH A VIDEO DEMO*** at ** Universal App that works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. ** Client Information: Overview of your clients, showing key information such as the date of your next session, the client's phone number, and how far along you are in the coaching engagement. You can organize clients by group or company. Expand each client profile to see contact information, how many sessions they have planned, the billing rate. Session Notes: Record session notes, using the keyboard or voice dictation (on iPhone 4S), that cover what was discussed, key insights, and next steps. Easily log how much time you spent in the session, whether it took place over the phone or in person, and whether you have billed for the session. Attach documents, photos, audio files to the session. Calendar: Schedule, sync and review appointments with your calendar. Tap to get key information for each session. Waypoints: Record significant events in the coaching process, such as client successes, goals, issues, and actions. These are organized in an easy checklist format that you can edit and prioritize. You can quickly create new items, prioritize items and check off completed ones. Billing: Get an overview of all your billing records, sorted by person or company. At a glance you can see any outstanding sessions that require billing. Expand to get detailed information for each client, such as your rate, their address and their billing history. Reports: Email summary reports of coaching sessions. Resources: This section provides powerful coaching questions, developed by professional coaches to help you plan your sessions. Sorted by category, you can customize any question or add your own. Backup: Safely backup your entire database on the device or receive the file by email. You can archive your inactive clients and still keep their information in the database. When you upgrade your phone your information is not lost.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.6

Size: 4.73 MB


Price: 8,54 €

Developed by Catalyst4

Day of release: 2012-01-7

Recommended age: 4+

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