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Are you preparing for the "Oracle® Certified Professional Java Programmer 6 (CX-310-065)" formerly known as "Sun® Certified Java Programmer" exam ? Here ...

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Are you preparing for the "Oracle® Certified Professional Java Programmer 6 (CX-310-065)" formerly known as "Sun® Certified Java Programmer" exam ? Here is your preparation tool for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With this app you can learn for the certification exam when you are on the go. The questions are uniquely designed for this app. It's so efficient: Start, pick one topic and begin answering. Main Features --------------------------------------- > Questions: Answer 246 tough mock questions covering the main topics of the OCPJP / SCJP 6. The snappy interface is fun to use and will keep you focused. For each question a short explanation text is available. > Statistics: For each topic, you get an overview how many questions you have answered correctly. So you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. You may clear the recorded statistics at any time. > MyList: Add your favorite questions to the "My List". Most of the questions contain a link to the Java reference (API or Java Language Specification), which can be directly opened using the internal web browser. Topics --------------------------------------- Coach for OCPJP covers all topics defined by the exam creators: > Collections / Generics > API Contents > Declarations, Initialization and Scoping > Flow Control > Concurrency > OO Concepts > Fundamentals Customer Reviews --------------------------------------- > "Clean and simple interface adds greatly to the wealth of information covered by this app's question database. Not only are the questions challenging and extensive, but the presentation allows rapid learning and retention on a diverse field of topics. Well done!" > "I'm taking my SCJP Java 6 exam next week. I found this to be a useful & well designed series of questions. I liked the feature that allows you to bookmark certain questions and solutions that you want to remember. All in all, well worth the price for an App that keeps you focussed on questions when you have a spare few minutes." > "I've had my iphone for almost a year and this is my first review. I decided to write it because the author of this application fully deserves it. That is because the app is very useful, designed really well, looks and feels great and most importantly because the author made it at all!" Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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