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Learn the finer points of how to navigate a sailboat using the world’s most advanced coastal navigation course brought to you by NauticEd International ...

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Learn the finer points of how to navigate a sailboat using the world’s most advanced coastal navigation course brought to you by NauticEd International Sailing School. The course uses an array of multimedia formats to break down once complex navigation techniques into easy to understand interactive animations, videos and high resolution graphics. The authors Grant Headifen and Edward Mapes are both United States Coast Guard awarded Commercial Master Mariners and collectively have thousands upon thousands of ocean miles under their keels. Captain Mapes is an acclaimed author of many books on sailing and has written the majority of the NauticEd sailing courses – Captain Headifen, Director of Education for NauticEd, is a sailor and an expert in the field of eLearning. He has specifically designed this eBook for interactive tablet formats. Consequently, this is not a bland and boring book reproduced from text and hand drawn sketches and 80’s photographs of instructors with Tom Selleck moustaches and cut off rugby shorts, rather it is an exciting and interactive aLearning sailing experience. The book is laid out in 5 modules, each of which has an associated test that can be accessed via NauticEd online or via the NauticEd iPad testing App. Module 1 covers a description of USA (IALA-B) and International (IALA-A) aids to navigation markers, nuns, cans, cardinal marks and lights, etc. The interactive animations actually show flashing lights and teach you how to read and understand a light sequence from the chart. For example, you’ll actually see a Fl R (2+1) 6s light doing its work on the screen in front of you. Module 2 teaches what to expect when reading a chart and its symbols and describes all the tools you’ll use in day to day navigation plus simple ways of how to add and subtract time. Module 3 discusses and teaches position fixing methods, using 3 position fix, dead reckoning, lines of position, running fix plus you’ll understand variation and deviation and how to convert between True – Magnetic – Compass headings. You see how to determine your distance from an object using angles and collision avoidance techniques. Real animations and video are used in this important module. Module 4 will make you completely comfortable in dealing with currents and tides and how to predict them. Module 5 is loaded with practical exercises and working solutions so that you can ensure you have a complete understanding of Coastal Navigation. This Coastal Navigation course is the most comprehensive, interactive multimedia eLearning experience on the topic available. Please enjoy NauticEd’s Coastal Navigation eLearning experience written by sailors for sailors.


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Developed by NauticEd Sailing School

Day of release: 2013-04-26

Recommended age: 4+

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