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The CoaxLoss utility provides a quick and easy way to calculate insertion loss. This version is a major redesign optimized for iOS 7 and includes requested ...

Discontinued App


The CoaxLoss utility provides a quick and easy way to calculate insertion loss. This version is a major redesign optimized for iOS 7 and includes requested features from the user community. Standard Loss Data for: 300, 500, 800 MHz and 1, 2, 2.4, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.4, 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26.5, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 67, and 70 GHz. 6 User defined frequencies Graph View of cable loss plotting both loss for length and loss for frequency. Share and create cable sets using the built in iOS 7 sharing controller. Length Step values of 1, 5, and 10, great for loss calculations for lengths every 1, 5, or 10 feet. User Defined Cable Lengths Up To 10000 Feet/Meters Custom Coax Cable Tables Using iTunes Sharing, Create your own cable set and load it into the program using iTunes sharing or email it to your device, coaxloss will automatically load it into the program. Search Features- search by cable name, or use quick search by impedance and velocity of propagation. Retina Display Support /Transparency effects Velocity of propagation display Cable impedance display Maximum recommended cable frequency display Updates To The Default Cable Set to Include: 8214 9086 9095 9096 9913 4XL8IIA 70 GHz Test Cables 70 GHz Test Cables VN Series Altitude Test TV Broadband 75 BT ChipSet CM ClearPath A06 ClearPat A08 Conformable CC086 Conformable CC141 Digisat EMC Lab EMC1 EMC Lab EMC2 EMC Lab EMC3 FBT-195 FBT-200 FBT-240 FBT-300 FBT-400 FBT-500 FBT-600 FLEXI 4XL GrooveTube 120 GrooveTube 130 GrooveTube 220 GrooveTube 230 HD100 JumpShot B08 JumpShot B14 L2201TX L7626TX L8620TX LDF2-50 LDF4-50A LDF4-75A LDF5-50A LDF6-50 LDF7-50A LMR-100A LMR lite-195 LMR-195-LLPL LMR-195-UF LMR-195 LMR lite-200 LMR-200-75 LMR-200-LLPL LMR-200-UF LMR-200 LMR lite-240 LMR-240-75 LMR-240-LLPL LMR-240-UF LMR-240 LMR-300-75 LMR-300-LLPL LMR-300-UF LMR-300 LMR lite-400 LMR-400-75 LMR-400-LLPL LMR-400-UF LMR-400 LMR-500-LLPL LMR-500-UF LMR lite-600 LMR-500 LMR-600-75 LMR-600-LLPL LMR-600-UG LMR-600 LMR-900-LLPL LMR-900 LMR-1200-LLPL LMR-1200 LMR-1700 M17/129-00001 M17/130-00001 M17/130-00002 M17/130-00003 M17/130-00004 M17/130-00005 M17/130-00006 M17/130-00007 M17/130-00008 M17/130-00009 M17/130-00010 M17/130-00011 M17/130-00012 M17/130-00013 M17/132-00001 M17/133-00001 M17/133-00002 M17/133-00003 M17/133-00004 M17/133-00005 M17/133-00006 M17/133-00007 M17/133-00008 M17/133-00009 M17/133-00010 M17/133-00011 M17/133-00012 M17/133-00013 M17/133-00014 M17/133-00015 M17/133-00016 M17/133-00017 MKR300C NextPhase 912 NextPhase 916 NextPhase 919 NextPhase 930 Phase3 C08 Phase3 C11 Phase3 C12 Phase3 C19 Phase3 C29 RF Green GR RF Orange TM RG-10A RG-11 RG-111 RG-119 RG-12 RG-120 RG-122 RG-13 RG-14 RG-141 RG-142 RG-144 RG-164 RG-165 RG-166 RG-17 RG-174 RG-177 RG-178B RG-179B RG-188A RG-196A RG-210 RG-211 RG-212 RG-213 RG-214 RG-215 RG-216 RG-217 RG-218 RG-219 RG-22 RG-220 RG-223 RG-23 RG-235 RG-24 RG-316 RG-34 RG-35 RG-393 RG-400 RG-401 RG-402 RG-403 RG-405 RG-55B RG-58 RG-59 RG-6 RG-62 RG-63 RG-71B RG-72 RG-79 RG-8 RG-8 Min RG-9 S22089 S33141 S44191 S44193 S46191 S55122 S65161 S67163 S86208 S88207 Semi-Rigid SR034 Semi-Rigid SR047 Semi-Rigid SR086 Semi-Rigid SR141 Semi-Rigid SR250 SiteLine Armored Test SL SuperFlex SF TCOM-195 TCOM-200 TCOM-240 TCOM-300 TCOM-400 TCOM-500 TCOM-600 Tower Series 725 Tower Series 738 Tower Series 748 TowerFlex D19 TowerFlex D24 TowerFlex D30 TowerFlex D40 TowerFlex D60 TowerFlex D90 Twinsat 100 UFA125A UFA147A UFA147B UFA210A UFA210B UFB142A UFB142C UFB197C UFB205A UFB293C UFB311A UFC142A UFF092D UGF070D V73263 V75268 V76261 V78209 Vision 100 VNA Test VN Series W102 W102 Twin Warrior 520 Warrior 539 WC100 WF100 WF125 WF165 WF233 WF340 WF65


Technical specifications

Version: 3.3

Size: 2.08 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Jeff Curtis

Day of release: 2010-03-17

Recommended age: 4+

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