Discontinued App


......... This application has been created and designed by educational specialists to teach young children English through fun games and activities. ......... ...

Discontinued App


......... This application has been created and designed by educational specialists to teach young children English through fun games and activities. ......... This app provides HD quality videos and the best English educational content for kids. ......... Compatible with both i-phone and I-pad Kids learn best when they are having fun and they don't even realize that they are learning. Apps that teach while they entertain can make learning fun. If you have a child who does best when they are having fun, Cocomong 2 is the app for you. If your child has bad eating habits or even refuses to eat the vegetables on their plate, Cocomong can help you too. Cocomong is the most fun & educational app that your children will love and enjoy! ... Summary ... In an magical land called Cing Cing Village live our favorite friend Cocomong. Joining him is the faithful fruit and vegetable eating robot Robocong! Watch Cocomong and his amazing friends have fun adventures and go through their daily lives. Meanwhile the evil Virus King and his minions try to destroy the Cing Cing Village. By using Cocomong and his friends bad eating habits, the Virus King attempts to lower the Cing Cing Energy and conquer the village. Will Cocomong and his friends be able to change their eating habits? Can they protect Cing Cing Village from the evil Virus King? ... Main Features ... - Animation Features : 26 exciting, full 3D animation episodes - Introducing Cocomong2 Characters : Meet 13 of our fun and amazing friends! - 'Touch A to Z' English Word Game : Learn new words by playing Cocomong's 'Touch A to Z' By unscrambling and matching the given words, children build concentration skills and are able to learn English in an fun and unknowingly. - Cocomong App Collection : Cocomong 2 VOD (Korean Version) Hello Cocomong Song and Dance Time (English Version) ... Animation List ... Cocomong2VOD1(Free) 2Ep. Let’s Go Robocong Do Not Leave Your Food Cocomong2VOD2 (Paid) 6Ep. New Things are Good!(I like New Things!) The Secret of the Suk Suk Potion Let’s Brush Our Teeth The Surprise Party Where is the Carrot? Let’s Wash Our Hands Cocomong2VOD3 (Paid) 6Ep. Up and Away Robocong! What Happened, Virus King? Oh No! Agle Is Missing! Let’s Play Outside! The New Cook in Cing Cing Village Oh no, Kero! Cocomong2VOD4 (Paid) 6Ep. We like Cocomong! I don’t like the washing dishes Go go, Aromi! Conserve Water Don’t Let Go! Candy Pang’s Invitation Cocomong2VOD5 (Paid) 6Ep. Doori’s Paper Plane Watch out for Sugar Hurry Hurry! Let’s Go to Bed Early! Who is my Secret Friend? Let’s Keep Our Promise. ... Notice ... - Please download through Wi-Fi network. (The video files on this app are large.) - If an error occurs while downloading download again. You will not be recharged from your account. - Contact the App store for details related to purchase or refund.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 24.18 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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