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Do you know the Text-type of the codex Alexandrinus? You will be able to answer this question with this App. Dictionary of codex which construct your ...

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Do you know the Text-type of the codex Alexandrinus? You will be able to answer this question with this App. Dictionary of codex which construct your own Bible. • Codex for iPhone This application is a Codex dictionary of NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE, called NESTLE-ALAND that explains the signs in footnotes when you make Textual Criticism according to NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE. • Features of Codex for iPhone Easy access to each detailed information of the Uncial, the Papyri and the Minuscule manuscripts. Jump to the suitable Wikipedia pages by one-touch for more detailed information. This application contains a list of the symbols using in NESTLE-ALAND. • How to use Start the application and choose the Uncial screen, the Papyri screen, the Minuscule screen or the Symbols of NA. Lists of the manuscripts: Each list displays the symbols, the names of the manuscripts and the types. Detailed information of the manuscripts: Detailed information of the manuscripts consists of signs, names, types, ages, categories according to Aland, places, contents and comments. Also more information about each manuscript is available on Wikipedia sites in this application. Manuscripts in this application: Uncial screen: UNCIALS 320 manuscripts Papyri screen: PAPYRUS 127 manuscripts Minuscule screen: MINUSCULES 44 manuscripts • Notices 1, There is not all information about manuscripts in this application. It contains important manuscripts only concerning to Minuscule. 2, There are differences about the information of the manuscripts. Detailed information of the manuscripts is for private use. Symbols of Critical Signs: It displays simple explanation about symbols in NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE, Nestle-Aland. • Notes Language This application is not multi language, and it displays English only. Information of the manuscripts The information in this application is adopted by Blessmee privately, so complete information is not guaranteed even though Blessmee try to make perfect. The information in this application is for private study. System iPhone3GS+iOS4.1 + Question and Advice http://blessmee.com/support/


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 513.57 KB


Price: $ 9.81

Developed by Blessmee

Day of release: 2010-10-2

Recommended age: 4+

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