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Swap shifts, share schedules, and message coworkers instantly with Shyft! Please email if you have any feedback or need support, ...

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Swap shifts, share schedules, and message coworkers instantly with Shyft! Please email if you have any feedback or need support, we're always happy to help! ***Check Out These Awesome 100% FREE Features*** ***Are you a manager? Scroll down for Admin Features*** Shift Swaps – Post your shift to your location’s private feed, with the date, time, location and note. Your team will be alerted that there is a shift available instantly, and you will get notified instantly when your shift gets covered. Boom. Regional Shift Swaps - Custom regional networks can be created for brands that allow shift swapping from store to store in a given region. Email us to request a free regional channel: Shift Approvals - Finally! No more phone calls and texts to your manager. When a team member covers your shift, your manager will be notified on Shyft and can approve or deny the swap request! View Schedules - Snap a quick photo of the weekly schedule, and send it as a push notification instantly to your team (ie."New schedule has been posted" in their notifications). The image will be high resolution. Comprende? Nice. Store Newsfeed - Post pics, give shoutouts, send links, and share jokes memes with your team on a private Instagram style feed for your store. Private Groups - Got departments? Front of house & back of house? Create customized feeds/channels for different employee groups within your location to swap shifts or to better organize your app. The ‘DM’ - Keep your phone number private while direct messaging or group chatting with other contacts from your workplace. Feel like we don't need to describe that any further. Multiple Work Locations - If you hustle hard and work multiple jobs you can have a channel and store feed for shift swapping at each job. Manager Admins - Gain free admin status on Shyft through the app, and enable shift swap approvals, special posting privileges, read receipts on posts, location privatization, the ability to remove users, and the ability to curate content and posts. Honestly nobody said work was supposed to be easy, but Shyft makes it easy-er! #Shyftlife #GetShyft


Technical specifications

Version: 4.8.5

Size: 2.35 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Coffee Software Design Inc

Day of release: 2013-10-31

Recommended age: 4+

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