CogAT is an assessment test administered to K-12 students in order to measure student's reasoning and problem solving abilities ( in Quantitative, Verbal ...

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CogAT is an assessment test administered to K-12 students in order to measure student's reasoning and problem solving abilities ( in Quantitative, Verbal and Non-Verbal categories)that can be directly linked to academic success. CogAT test scores are used by public school systems to identify and place students in their gifted and talented programs. It is also increasingly used by Private Schools to screen students as part of their highly competitive admission process. CogAT tests are also administered to understand a student's cognitive strengths and weakness, identify areas of improvement and help them to learn more effectively. CogAT test can also be used as a gauge to predict a student's performance in an IQ test. CogatPrep is designed to meet the rigorous preparation needs of the CoGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) test takers. CogatPrep simulates real test like conditions by testing students in all the 9 categories of a CogAT test with the same number of questions as in a real test. The free version of the app comes with a test pack containing 39 questions from all 9 test categories. These questions are representative of the test sections and are provided for evaluation purposes. Full Length CogAT Test packs are available for purchase from the Purchase Test Packs screen - Each test pack simulates a real full length Cogat Test with a total of 195 questions from all the 9 test categories of a CogAT test. Users can create and work simultaneously on up to a maximum of 10 tests. Each test can be created either with questions from a subset or from all of the 9 test categories. This provides flexibility to users to work and improve on specific test categories. Tests are always started in a timed mode with an option to pause and restart the test. CogatPrep also allows users to take extended breaks and continue the test at a later point of time, without having to start from the beginning. Once the maximum limit of 10 tests is reached, one or more older tests shall have to be deleted before being able to create a new test. The app also allows users to navigate to any question in the test, thereby allowing the users to review their work before submitting for evaluation. Once a test is submitted for evaluation, a test result summary is displayed with the following details: - Total Number of Questions - Total Number of attempted Questions - Number of Correct answers - Number of Wrong answers - Total time taken - Test Start Date - Test End Date Once a test is submitted for evaluation, the app allows the users to view the answers to every question in the test along with a detailed explanation of the answer. This enables users to compare their answers with the correct answer and understand the reasoning behind it. Note: CogAT and Cognitive Abilities Test are registered trademarks of Riverside Publishing, a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt company. This app along with its content (including descriptions, questions, answers etc.) is not associated with Riverside Publishing and is not endorsed by them.


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Day of release: 2013-01-11

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