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CoinMobile(TM) Coin Research System

Active online coin research center providing users with coin research information all in one location. Receive the latest news on dealer acquisitions ...

Discontinued App

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Active online coin research center providing users with coin research information all in one location. Receive the latest news on dealer acquisitions and exhibits. # # # # # # # # # 04/07/2010 - CoinInfo.com Metal Charts now part of CoinMobile(tm) # # # # # # # # # --- xStatiCa --- Huge amount of data for coins. After looking over this app for awhile I now have a new hobby. This is a great way to get into coin collecting. --- hakushox --- I used this app for all of 2 minutes and I'm in love! The amount of data right at your fingertips is amazing. Even a baby could navigate this interface like a pro..... I will def tell my friends about this one. Very nice app indeed. --- djfancylad --- This definitely would have to fall under the category of super cool nerdy apps! The amount of information available about rare coins is pretty impressive. With CoinMobile(TM) you'll have most advanced numismatics research tool in your pocket. Using the CoinMobile(TM) iPhone(TM) App, you can always keep up to date on the latest coin and numismatics news. Version 1.3.5 focuses on U.S. Coins. CoinMobile(TM) is expanding to include more US coins as well as international coins. * NOTE * If your looking for information on Gold Coins you may want to wait until we have them complete. Features: * United States Mintage information. Coin composition, mint counts, and information on Key Dates. * Information on coin variations. * Actual Silver Weight of the coins. * Coin scrap metal approximation: Find the value of a coin as scrap silver using the Silver, Platinum and Gold "Spot Price" and the ASW. * Coin Composition: Details on the percentage for precious metal for each of the coins. * "Key Dates" some of the most sought after dates and variations of coins. CoinMobile Data System: * Automatic Data Cache, the information from the CoinMobile.com Servers is stored on your iPhone(TM). This allows you to use the app when no internet is available. CoinMobile(TM) automatically retrieves updates when internet is available in the background. * Automatic Data Updates: CoinMobile(TM) is constantly adding data to the CoinMobile(TM) server. You device will update the Cache when new information is detected. Coin News: * Up to date information on major acquisitions and other information related to numismatics from the most popular RSS feeds. * Precious Metal Spot Prices: Follow the price of Gold, Silver and Platinum from your mobile device. Coin Exhibits: * Dealer coin exhibits. High resolution images of extremely high end coins for your to review. * Private collector exhibits. Keep track of your coin collection and display your collection on CoinMobile(TM). * Use CoinMobile(TM) to show your coin auction to CoinMobile(TM) users.


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Version: 1.3.5

Size: 930.69 KB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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