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Rick Carey's Collector Car Auction Resource - Regular Please note: We are aware of a bug in Ccar that causes some menu items not to function when using ...

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Rick Carey's Collector Car Auction Resource - Regular Please note: We are aware of a bug in Ccar that causes some menu items not to function when using iOS version 5.0 and on the new iPhone 4S. We have corrected this bug and a free update will be available soon via the App store. We at Smiley Cat thank our loyal users and apologize for this inconvenience. Ccar is the Collector Car Auction Resource, a searchable database of over 16,000 auction transactions from 2009 and 2010. Transactions are complete with notes, specifications and personal observations and expert comments on cars’ presentation, preservation, history and the transactions’ market impact. Ccar’s transaction reports are thorough, informative and entertaining. Auctions include the major U.S., U.K. and European sales. Most transactions have been personally reported by Rick Carey, one of the originators of modern collector car auction reporting since founding Auto Market Journal in 1991, giving Ccar unique consistency and accuracy Data is searchable by VIN (chassis number) as well as by Marque, Model and Year for exactness and flexibility. Begin with a chassis number search, since today 10-30% of cars crossing auction blocks at major auctions have prior auction history. A hit on the chassis number is invaluable intelligence for collectors, dealers and auction professionals: a precise gauge of how the market has viewed the value of a specific car. In the absence of a chassis number match a search by marque, model and year will reveal similar cars for assessing comparable values, presented with the most recent transactions first. Ccar’s user interface is based on dropdown lists to make searching easy and resolve questions of nomenclature (e.g., is there a space between XK and 120; is it a Hemi ‘Cuda or a ‘Cuda Hemi; is Road Runner one word or two.) Supporting websites, ccar.co (no “m”) and collectorcarauctionresource.com, give a series of hints and tips for searching and for identifying the terminology used. A separate set of notes identify common search inconsistencies (e.g., a “5” instead of an “S” or a “0” instead of an “O”.) We’ve made or had to deal with most of these mistakes over the years, and have endeavored to make the Ccar database consistent and accurate. Data will be updated three times a year (typically April, July and November); adding thousands of transactions. These database additions will be available at a nominal in-app purchase charge. For more auction resources please also see: CCAR High-Test" with all auctions from 2006 - 2010 (about 45,000 priced transactions) and "CCAR Super" with all auctions (about 95,000 priced transactions)


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