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The period a high school senior prepares his/her college application is the most difficult time for both the student and parents. Not only must they learn ...

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The period a high school senior prepares his/her college application is the most difficult time for both the student and parents. Not only must they learn the procedure of the application but also to decide which colleges to apply and attend, let along to manage numerous deadlines. “College Application Made Easy” is an application to facilitate the needs of the process. It provides 5 essential services: 1) A Holland’s Personality Test to derive matching majors for student’s personality; 2) Three most popular college rankings (Forbes, and NRC’s, etc.) are available to rank colleges and their majors; 3) College Application Calendar gives users much needed flexibility to tailor application to fit their individual needs, and puts a discipline on it; 4) College information for over 3500 colleges is make easily available and is integrated with other functions. Additional, 5) a college comparison utility summarizes main characteristics of each college and hopefully makes college decision easier. We give brief description of each function in follows. Holland’s Personality Test is a standard and widely accepted test to categorize several types of distinct personality. Great amount of research has been done and provides evidence that students pursue majors matching their personalities often have more productive and satisfactory life. This provides an angle for students and their parents to see the relative personality type. In turn, it will help the family to make choice based on the student’s strength. College rankings are quite subjective and ever changing. Selection of a college solely based on its ranking is not wise and should be advised against. Nevertheless, rankings do provide certain angles to evaluate a college and give an overall assessment of category a school belongs to. There are many rankings. Some are popular. College application activities include college and major selection, college visiting, activity list, letters of reference, essays, standard testing and final submission. Many times, overwhelmed students are mentally and physically stressed. It in turn causes misses and unnecessary anxiety. We strong believe narrowing down a list of well defined tasks is the first step for successful college application. It is crucial to follow the schedule and complete tasks in timely fashion. The discipline will definitely make hard tasks easier. College information can be from many places: school websites, announcements, surveys, Department of Education, agencies and college consultants. We select information we believe are important to college application and make them available here. Information includes college general info, admission statistics, application specifics, and school strength. One can easily access the info from three different places: by selection in “My Applications” tab; in Rankings; and in Research/College Comparison. It is easier to compare colleges side by side. We make the comparison available in Research/College Comparsion. At this moment, only three colleges can be compared each time.


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